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Hiring someone to manage your Facebook marketing is intimidating.

You are going to be paying them money to manage something you don’t know very much about. In order to hire the right Facebook marketing consultant, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do I trust them?
2) Do they know what they’re doing?

But how do you know if you can trust someone after just a few conversations? And how do you know if they are experts when you don’t know much about Facebook marketing yourself?

We’re going to share with you the exact questions you need to ask your consultant to see how much they really know about marketing on Facebook, but first, let’s address the trust factor:

Trust is a deep-rooted, powerful feeling that should be earned. We understand. You don’t want to have the wool pulled over your eyes. So many of our clients have come to us for help following a relationship that has gone sour with a previous SEO provider. They want to know for sure that we are credible and have their best interests at heart. In other words, that we won’t take their money and run.

Trust us (honestly), it happens!

So how can you tell if your Facebook marketing consultant is trustworthy?

They are punctual

When you book your first consultancy call, do they show up on time? Are they running late? If so, do they keep you in the loop? To disregard your call altogether because they “got held up” is not good enough.

If they are late or don’t give you prior notice, then you can be sure this is their approach to client projects. You don’t want a Facebook marketing consultant who doesn’t put you first. Who is elsewhere when they are supposed to be working on your account. That’s not exactly the professional practice promised.

They have rave reviews

Was a Facebook marketing consultant referred to you by a friend? If so, ask them about their experiences working with them. Did they have any weaknesses? What can you tell me about their advice? Did it help grow your following on Facebook? Did you see a return on investment? These are the kinds of questions that will reveal the true working practices of your chosen consultant.

Woman leaving a Facebook Marketing Consultant Review.

However, if you found your Facebook marketing consultant, ask them for case studies and testimonials. If they oblige, that’s a sign they are valued as a business. Some may even put you in touch with clients directly by handing over their details. We do this simply because we have a great relationship with our clients. There’s no risk involved.

They listen to you

If someone is asking for advice, it’s clear they have a business problem to solve. It’s the job of your Facebook marketing consultant to listen and pay close attention. If they are continually talking over you and won’t shut up about this “amazing service” they have for you, run a mile.

Of course, they are going to try to sell to you but not before they get to the root of the problem. They should have done their homework about your business so that when you speak, it’s not all brand-new info. A good Facebook marketing consultant will be prepared to answer any question you put to them. They will also be prepped with questions to ask you about your business, goals and aspirations online. If they show little interest and are insistent on getting a sale, you know they’re not for you.

How do you know if they are Facebook marketing experts?

Most people come to their consultant call prepped with lots of questions to ask, which is great. What you should also be doing is listening to the questions they ask you.

If you share information about your business goals and what you’d like to see as a result of your Facebook campaigns, and they have no real follow-up questions, RUN.

If their only question is how much can you pay them, SPRINT!

Before they can start work on your Facebook marketing, they need to understand your business, what you’re all about, and your processes.

That means they will ask a lot of questions.

An inexperienced Facebook marketing consultant will nod along, say “sounds good” and give in to your demands. But that’s not why you have come to them. You have come to them to create a successful strategy that accounts for your unique selling points.

Some questions to ask a Facebook Consultant:

  • How do you handle reporting and analytics?
  • Can you help me with visual and written content?
  • Have you worked with clients in my industry before?
  • What do you do when you launch a campaign, and it fails?

Take note of how confidently and quickly they answer your questions. Do they stumble over their words? This is often a sign that they haven’t prepared for your call.

Ready to find a Facebook marketing consultant?

Now you’re fully-equipped to give your potential Facebook marketing consultant a real grilling. That may sound unfair, but it’s you who will be paying them for their time. You need to be confident that you’re investing it wisely.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions along with any more you have. A good Facebook marketing consultant will be keen to answer your questions to ensure they appear an authority on the topic and fill you with confidence in hiring them.

Put us to the test.
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Our Facebook marketing consultants work with you to establish a unique tone of voice, one that resonates with your audience. They will help you talk to your following, not at them. Your assigned Facebook marketing consultant will become an extension of your team, refining your online communications and contributing to a high conversion rate.

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