Facebook Makes Biggest Changes Since 2011

Facebook’s new newsfeed.

The much-anticipated Facebook update was announced today and includes a major overhaul of the site’s newsfeed. Since Facebook became a public company, rumors have been floating around the Internet that the site would change drastically in order to satisfy investors and make more money.

While the site redesign brings some aesthetic changes, it may also open doors for more advertising opportunities. These opportunities may bring new options to your company’s social media advertising strategy.

What Changed?

This recent update focuses on the newsfeed portion of Facebook. When users login or use the Facebook mobile app the first thing they see is the newsfeed, making this part of the site vital to users and advertisers.

More Than One Newsfeed

With the redesign, users can now choose what kind of information they see on their newsfeed. The feeds can be sorted by posts from certain people or of a certain type. The new feed choices are: all friends, most recent, close friends, music, photos, following and games.

A Focus on Images

Images on the newsfeed will be larger, reflecting the trend of users being more interested in images than text updates. The new feed also has a new look for profile photos, shares, and Pinterest images and includes a new look for the music stream.

Photos in the new newsfeed are much bigger.The new profile picture format.

Mobile Friendly

The new design is very mobile friendly, and in fact, parts of the design seem to be inspired from the site’s mobile apps. As more and more people access the site through a mobile browser or app, this change makes sense.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Business owners and marketers are eager to find out how they will be impacted by changes to one of the biggest social networking websites. Some of these impacts are clear now, but others will come to light as people and businesses around the world use Facebook’s new design.

First, it’s not entirely clear how the addition of multiple newsfeeds will affect business pages. Whether users will be able to more easily block sponsored posts, ads and page updates isn’t clear yet, but it is probably safe to say that Facebook won’t make it harder for advertisers to use the site.

The focus on images means your brand needs to find more ways to create visual content that resonates with your market. You’ll need to include more photos and videos if you want to stand out on the newsfeed page and avoid being buried by others’ prominent visual posts.

There is some speculation that the redesign is making way for new advertising space and opportunities. These opportunities have not yet been announced, but could be in the works. If Facebook is a major part of your social media marketing campaign, your business need to embrace these changes and find ways to use them to your advantage.