Facebook Launches New Trending Feature

Facebook has launched a new feature, called Trending, which will show users what topics are popular on the social media site. Twitter users will likely recognise this idea, but Facebook has its own take on how to display trending topics and content.

The new feature is meant to help people find interesting conversations and topics and is actually designed to display information specific to each user. Facebook’s announcement explains that the new Trending list will appear to the right of the News Feed and will show users content that is based on what they are interested in as well as a view of what is popular on Facebook in general.

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When a user clicks on a headline in the Trending section, he will be able to see what his friends, and the Pages he has “liked,” are saying about that particular topic. Right now, this feature is only available on the web version of Facebook, but the company has stated that it is testing it on mobile.

Facebook’s Trending Topics and Your Business

You’re probably wondering what this new feature means for your business. Businesses can use trending topics to get more exposure on social media in two ways: by becoming the trending topic or talking about the trending topic.

If you are familiar with trending topics on Twitter, you probably already have some ideas on how you can use this new feature. However, since Facebook’s feature is slightly different, you may need to alter your strategy slightly.

Become the Trending Topic

The most obvious way to use this feature is to get your business, products, events or brand in general trending. It remains to be seen exactly how you can do this, but it’s probably safe to assume that the more your brand is talked about on Facebook, the more likely it will be to trend.

Boost your Facebook marketing efforts, share more content and try to build engagement among your fans to get topics trending. As your business trends, it will become more visible on Facebook.

Talk About the Trending Topics

A second way you could leverage this new feature is to talk about trending topics, so that your Page and conversations will appear in your fans’ Trending section. A simple way to do this is to monitor what is trending, participate in related conversations and share related content.

When your fans click on a headline in their Trending section, they will see what you have to say about the topic, making you more visible on the site and leading to more engagement.

The announcement of this new feature comes shortly after rumours that Facebook is gearing up to launch its own news sharing app. If these rumours are true, and given the fact that the Trending feature was just unveiled, Facebook could be working to become more relevant in the news and news sharing sphere of social media.

Like all new social media features, time will tell exactly how Trending will impact Facebook in general and how businesses will use it to reach their markets and boost their social media marketing.