Facebook Launches Nearby Event Notifications

Facebook has launched a new feature that allows users to be notified of nearby events. While this feature may not be a major update, it does bring a lot of potential for businesses that use Facebook marketing.

How Event Notifications Work

Users will only get notifications for pages they follow and agree to receive event notifications from. They will also only get notifications for events near them.

To start getting notifications, users can navigate to your page, choose the events tab and then click on the “subscribe” button on the right-hand side of your page. They can also navigate to their event section to see all the pages they follow and subscribe to events there.


It’s as simple as that! Once a user subscribes, he will start getting notifications for nearby events.

How you can Use the Feature

This is an excellent feature for promoting events and bringing more attention to your business on Facebook, which can help you with your branding and marketing efforts.

Ask Followers to Subscribe

First, make sure your followers know they can subscribe to your local events. Use Facebook, your website and even email marketing to tell people how they can subscribe and then clearly ask them to do so. This will help you build your audience so that you can start using the feature more effectively.

Use Facebook Events

Now, when you host events be sure to promote them through Facebook and set them up as Facebook events so people will get notifications. This does two things. First, it helps you create some excitement and promote the event, helping you get more attendees. Second, it ensures that those who have subscribed will be notified, reminding them of the event and at the very least, bringing attention to your business.

Get Creative with Events

Remember, all kinds of things can qualify as Facebook events so you can use this new feature to stand out. Think outside the box and be sure to post things like grand openings, sales, promotions, product launches and other things as events. When you do this, people will get notifications and you can more easily promote your business on Facebook.

But, a word of caution: be careful not to overdo it and spam your followers. All of your events should offer some value to your subscribers. Just as you need to find the right posting frequency and only share things when you have something to say, you need to find the right frequency for posting events so you don’t overwhelm your followers with notifications. People can easily unfollow your page or unsubscribe from your events, which will hinder your marketing efforts.

This newest update from Facebook is a minor change, but it’s one that can help your business more effectively promote events. By using the feature the right way, you can get your market’s attention and promote your brand while increasing event awareness and attendance.