Facebook Introduces Private Messaging for Business Pages

Facebook is now allowing businesses to respond to comments with a private message.

At last, Facebook has introduced a way for businesses to use private messages to respond to comments, so they can have private conversations with their online audience. This new feature is exciting, and one that will bring lots of new opportunities to your business.

What’s New

This new feature actually comes with a few options, each of which can bring different perks.

When someone leaves a comment on your page or comments on one of your posts, you will now see a “Message” option next to the “Reply” option. This lets you respond to the user in a private message.

The message will appear in a private thread that only the user and the business can see. A nice bonus feature is that your private message will include a link to the original comment, so the user can easily see what you are responding to.

The second new feature is a “Send Message” call to action for local awareness ads. When you create ads, you can add a button that allows users to send a private message to you

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With these new features, Facebook will start showing users how responsive to private messages a business is. According to the announcement: “Pages that respond to 90% of messages and have a median response time of less than five minutes will now have a ‘Very responsive to messages’ badge on their profiles.”

Businesses will also have access to new tools for saving responses to frequently asked questions, accessing saved responses and managing their message inbox.

You can read more about theses new features and tools on Facebook’s announcement.

How these Features will Benefit You

The most obvious way private messaging will benefit your business is that it will give you one more customer service tool. You likely get some comments and questions that would be better addressed in private so that you can get more details from a customer or provide more personalised help, without filling your page with personal messages. Now you have a way to do this.

You can also now respond to commenters just to say “thanks” and even offer a promotional code or link to a discount. Things like this may not qualify as customer service, but they will definitely help you boost your brand reputation.

Having the ability to use a call to action that asks people to contact you through messaging will also enhance your advertising campaigns. In some cases, people may be more willing to send you a quick Facebook note than to call you or visit your location. This call to action can help you generate interaction and sales leads.

All of these new features will bring something new to your business page, making it much easier to engage with Facebook users. As you do this, you will have opportunities to make more sales, raise brand awareness, improve your online reputation and better serve your customers.