Facebook Introduces A Premium: Was It Only A Matter Of Time?

“People worry that technology will disconnect us, but study after study has shown that it strengthens us”

-Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook CEO

Facebook now has to power to connect brands with human beings now marketers can embrace that same technology that the rest of us have. “It enables brands to find their voices…and to have genuine, personal relationships with their customers” says Sandberg.

Facebook has made it clear that it is now a partnership company, and just like social media transformed gaming, it’s now transforming all companies. Facebook announced that brands are their best content creators and Facebook’s vision for marketers is that brands will be able to interact with their customers in ways that are just as rich and dynamic as the way they would interact with their friends and families. Facebook has now unveiled its latest social technologies for marketers and brands, and first up is ‘The Time Line’

“The richest, most customizable marketing canvas we’ve ever built”

-Mike Hoefflinger, Director or Global Business Marketing of Facebook

 Facebook has decided to turn its social network into one big marketing platform, and now they’ve introduced ‘Premium Offers’ and these are the best way to get your stories infront of more people more often. “This is your opportunity to express your identity and tell your stories” says Hoefflinger. It ‘offers’ are placements for premium advertising and sponsored stories, very much like Twitter’s sponsored Tweets “ Premium on Facebook is the most impactful way to distribute content on Facebook” Hoefflinger stated. You begin with a page post, and then you can start to increase your distribution. Over the last few years  Facebook has been testing the efficiency of ‘premiums’, and the results show that it can potentially hit 3 times the ROI for brands.

Fans are more valuable than a general population, because they aren’t just customers, they are the people that love a company’s products and Facebook has taken advantage of this and introduced a ‘Reach Generator’ which is a new product that can guarantee that 75 % of fans can see your brand’s content each month. According to Hoefflinger Ben and Jerry’s were able to double its total engagement and their sales increased at 3 to 1 ROI using the Reach Generator tool. To use this tool, marketers need to understand what content fans find the most engaging, and once you understand that, the reach generator can then be used to increase distribution.

“Brands will also benefit from increased engagement from people telling stories on top of brands stories. Talking to fans alone is not an end result”- Hoefflinger.

Starting now, brand stories will be eligible on Facebook’s newsfeed, and will be seen alongside updates from friends and family. Marketing on Facebook will feel like the rest of Facebook and newsfeed aren’t just on your desk top screens, but on mobile devices, ipads and other media platforms. As well as stories appearing in your newsfeed, users will also be hit with stories when logging out on Facebook that will show them ads and offers. This will affect the millions of people who use Facebook every day, and will begin in April.

One story, one creative and we’ll take care of the reach and engagement and distributing that story throughout Facebook” said Hoefflinger. Marketers will be able to reach more fans but will the little fish users of Facebook feel like they’re being chased by the big sharks with their jaws wide open?