Facebook has made Video Advertising more Affordable

Facebook has changed the way it charges advertisers for video ads, which could make this option more affordable for many businesses. Video is a powerful medium that can help you promote your brand across the internet, so this update could bring great opportunities for your business.

The New Payment Model

Previous to this update, advertisers paid for video ads according to the number of times they started playing. As soon as a video started, the advertiser would be charged. The problem with this model is that videos automatically start playing as users scroll past them in the newsfeed. This meant that advertisers were paying for video ads even when people weren’t watching them, simply because they started playing.

To fix this issue, Facebook has updated its model so that video advertisers are only charged for ads that have played for 10 seconds or more. This makes it more likely that businesses are paying for ads that people are actually watching, since after 10 seconds it is safe to say a user has seen at least part of the advertising message.

While this update isn’t being forced on advertisers, who can still opt for the old model of paying for videos as soon as they start playing, it could help businesses save. As you only pay for ads that have played for at least 10 seconds, your funds will be used more effectively to reach people who are taking in your videos. This frees up your resources so you can use Facebook advertising more, making this channel more effective as you reach more people.

Facebook has also changed its algorithm so that users who interact more with videos will see more of them in their feeds. However, the social network says that it doesn’t expect this algorithm update to have a major impact on Pages.

The Power of Video

Video content can do things other types of content can’t, especially when it comes to advertising.

Capture Attention

Videos stand out in a sea of status updates, photos and articles. They can help you get peoples’ attention and make your messages stand out, especially if your videos are of high quality and are relevant to your target market.

Evoke Emotion

There’s something about audio and video combined that evokes emotion and strong feelings. You can create a heart-warming video that inspires action, a funny video that raises brand awareness or a fun, light-hearted video that helps you build your audience and attract new customers. Video can help you spark emotion and action in ways other types of content can’t.

Entertain Quickly

When you think about viral content, you probably think of videos. Videos have the ability to entertain and excite an audience in a way few other types of content can, and can quickly get a point across and entertain viewers. When your videos do this, they will be more effective and more likely to go viral as your viewers share them.

Demonstrate Something in Action

Of course, videos have the unique ability to show viewers something while it’s happening. You can use them to demonstrate products, provide tutorials or share events with people who couldn’t attend in person. These kinds of videos are usually highly interactive and valuable to target markets.

If you aren’t already using Facebook video ads, this new payment model opens up a new opportunity to test this tactic in an affordable way, so you can get these and so many more marketing and branding benefits.