Facebook Ending Sponsored Stories, But Here are Your Other Options

It has been announced that in April, Facebook Sponsored Stories will no longer be available to businesses.

These ads showed users how their friends were interacting with businesses on Facebook and displayed peoples’ profile pictures next to business or brand content.

But, if your business relied on Sponsored Stories, there are still plenty of other Facebook advertising options that you can use as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Page “like” ad.

These ads are small boxes that are displayed on the right-hand side of the News Feed. Their sole purpose is to help you get more “likes” for your business page. They show an image, a short piece of copy, the number of people that already “like” your page, and of course, a “like” button.

Page post ads.

One of the most common types of Facebook ads is the Page Post Ad, which in essence is a post on a business page that a business can pay to promote to a wider audience. These posts can be targeted to a page’s fans, their friends and even people who don’t already “like” the page.

These ads are also very flexible because they allow you to promote any kind of content you can normally post to Facebook: status updates, pictures, videos, events, offers and other types of content.

Because they are so versatile, Page Post Ads work well for most businesses, so this is a good place to start if you are trying to reach a wide audience, including people who don’t “like” your page on Facebook.

Promoted posts.

Promoted posts are very similar to Page Post Ads, but have one key difference: they can’t be distributed to users who don’t already “like” your page, with the exception of friends of your fans. In other words, Promoted Posts can only reach your fans and their friends.

Since Promoted Posts are mostly displayed to the people who already “like” your page, you should only use them in very specific situations. This would not be a good choice if you are trying to reach a wider audience, get more Facebook followers or share content that would be more interesting to people who aren’t already familiar with your page or brand.

Domain ad.

This type of ad is different from the others because it actually takes users away from Facebook and to your website, blog or any other site you want. However, it can also link to your Facebook page, a Facebook event or an app. It includes a headline, URL, image and some copy. Use this ad if you want to increase traffic to your site, page or app.

App or event ad.

This is another very specific ad type. It is used to promote an app or Facebook event. It looks similar to the Page “Like” Ad, as it shows a title, image, copy, the number of people using your app and a link users can use to start using the app. This is the ideal option if you want to promote your Facebook app and encourage more people to use it.

Facebook Sponsored Stories aren’t the end of the world…

These basic ads can help you get more out of using Facebook, reach your market, grow your following and promote your events, apps and even website. Start using Facebook advertising by deciding which ads are best for your business and then designing targeted ads that will effectively help you reach your goals.

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