Facebook Brand Pages

Following in the tracks of Twitter, Facebook has started to launch new Brand pages which echo the Timeline updates which have divided Facebook users. Will these changes be as controversial and difficult to adopt for Brands as they were for users?

First Impressions

Looking at a brand page like Coca Cola, you can see that they’re already making a huge statement with the iconic red banner. The banner feature is obviously a bonus for companies as it’s a great branding opportunity, there’s also the chance to create interesting banners which their fans can use.

Other first impressions: oh my, this sure is messy. The neat freak lurking within me immediately wants to start tidying things up, creating neat orderly piles and categorising things. There is no such layout available unfortunately; this could make interacting with the brand more difficult.

The Timeline

For a company like Coca Cola, a timeline is a really interesting feature, as they can trace their lineage back to 1886. For any company with a rich past like this, they’re facing the same issues users face; fill out your entire history, or leave it blank?

For companies that are used to interacting with and engaging their fan base, the Timeline function will allow them to continue doing so in style. Ben & Jerry’s is a great example of this; running small games like “guess which flavour” is a great way to get people talking about your product, and also get them adding it to their shopping list. I know I’ll be throwing a tub of Half Baked in my shopping cart next time I’m at the supermarket.

I was also interested to see the way my friends mentions show up on the timeline; I got a blast from Christmas past with a quote from a friend in which she mentioned Ben and Jerry’s. This makes way for a more personalised and individual experience for the user.

Only time will tell if brands will sink or swim with the new layout.

What do you think? Will Timeline be unpopular with Brands? Or does it offer a whole world of new opportunity for social media marketing?