Facebook Announces Plans to Change Ad Offerings

Facebook currently offers marketers 27 different ad unit options, a number that is overwhelming and sometimes includes redundant options. In an effort to simplify the ad creation process, Facebook has announced that it will change its offerings over the next several months to reduce the total number of options to less than half of what it offers now.

The new options, which Facebook says it has created in response to feedback from marketers, will make the social media site’s ad offerings much simpler. Among the changes, businesses can look forward to:

Eliminated Redundancies

Several of the current ad options overlap and accomplish the same thing. This is unnecessary and can make Facebook advertising more complicated than it needs to be, so the update will remove these redundancies.

This change should help marketers wade through the ad-creation process and can make choosing the right ad for your business easier. Instead of wasting time comparing ad units only to find that some overlap, businesses will now be able to quickly choose the ad that is best for their campaigns.

Best of Sponsored Stories in All Ads

Now marketers will no longer need to buy ads and sponsored stories. With the new system, businesses can simply create a Page post photo ad and Facebook will automatically use social context to help the ad be more successful. Facebook says that research from Datalogix, comScore and Nielsen reveal that social context can make online ads more effective, so this update is good news for businesses.

More Consistent Appearance

Currently, Facebook’s ads each have a slightly different look. With the new system, all ads will fit an overall theme and have the same visual elements. Facebook says this will be beneficial to businesses as they test different ads and for users as Facebook becomes more visually appealing.

According to a post on Facebook’s newsroom, the social network’s goal is to build a system that will suggest ad tools based on what marketers say they want their ads to achieve. This new type of advertising system could help businesses find the right ads for their campaigns, which will help them be more successful in marketing to their target audiences.

Facebook advertising is a major part of social media marketing for many businesses. If your business uses these ads, the coming changes could help you focus your advertising efforts and simplify the way you create Facebook ads.