Facebook Algorithm now uses Time Spent on Stories

There has been a lot of news in the social media industry lately, and now Facebook has some of its own. In an effort to show its users content they are interested in, the social media site’s algorithm will now take into consideration how much time a user spends on different stories.

In the announcement, Facebook explains that measuring how long people spend on different stories or whether they “like” or comment on them aren’t always accurate ways to gauge interest. A better way is to compare how long individuals spend on various stories to find out how interested they are in different kinds of content.

With this in mind, Facebook will start determining what appears in users’ news feeds based on how much time they spend on different stories. In other words, if you spend a considerable amount of time on a story, as compared to other stories you have looked at, you will see more similar posts in your timeline.

The change is happening now and will continue to become available over the next few weeks. Facebook’s announcement states “We do not expect Pages to see significant changes in distribution as a result of this update.”

Now What?

So, if this change likely won’t have a direct impact on your business page, what should you do with this news? First, it’s important to keep up on the ways Facebook delivers content, so you know what kinds of trends may influence your page. Secondly, you should realise that Facebook is working hard to make sure its users are happy with the content they see in their feeds, so you should be too.

Survival of the most Valuable

As Facebook becomes smarter and is able to deliver content users want to see, rather than a steady stream of posts people have to sort through, users will come to expect high-quality and high-value content through Facebook.

If your business can’t provide this, your account will suffer and eventually, your Facebook marketing won’t benefit your business anymore. To stay competitive on Facebook, your content needs to be interesting, valuable and helpful to your target audience.

Interest Leads to Happy Customers

Making sure the content you share on Facebook is of interest to your market will go a long way in helping you keep your customers happy. Content that isn’t relevant, is spammy or that doesn’t capture and hold attention won’t help your customers or your business.

On the other hand, as your followers continually receive value through your Facebook posts, they will trust your business and be more inclined to interact with your brand and buy your products.

Social media is always changing, and as sites work harder to provide the best experience possible to their users, businesses have to keep up if they want to use the power of social media marketing. With Facebook’s latest update, revisit your content and make sure you are sharing things that are specifically designed for your market and that will help you create a track record of providing value.