Expand Your Reach by Publishing Content in these Places

Both Internet marketing and content marketing require you to reach out and find your market where it is. Yes, you want to drive traffic to your site and attract your customers to you, but you need to find your target market and draw people in. One of the best ways to do this is to publish your content in multiple places.

So, where do you publish your content? Start with your own properties like your website and blog. This gives you a permanent online presence and gives your audience one main place they can go to get information about your business. Since these are your pages, you have complete control over them and can use them however you want.

But, to expand your reach, grow your online presence and reach a larger audience, you will need to publish content on some other sites.

For search engine optimisation purposes, never publish the same piece of content in multiple places, as search engines penalise duplicate content. Also, keep in mind that it’s okay to build links to earn rankings, but steer clear of spammy sites and link farms.

High-Quality, Reputable Blogs

Guest blogging is still relevant and beneficial as long as you do it the right way. Don’t make link building your primary goal. Look for blogs that your audience reads and the people you are targeting respect. Then, contact the owner with a post idea that benefits his readership and ask if he would be willing to let you be a guest blogger.

You can still link back to your website but make sure the links are relevant and the sites you post on are reputable. Be wary of blog networks, as Google has recently penalised some well-known sites.

Outside Publishing Platforms

Outside publishing platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, and other sites, can help you get your content out there and direct traffic back to your site. Many of these places already have rather large readerships and if your content resonates with the people there, you will attract new site visitors and customers.

Industry-Specific Websites

Don’t discount industry-specific websites. Many industries have online journals, websites and blogs that have very large followings and getting your content there could help you expand your audience very quickly. Some of these sites allow you to set up an account so you can publish content whenever you want. Others choose content selectively and you’ll need to submit a blog post or article for approval.

Press Release Distribution Services

Legitimate press release distribution services like PRWeb and PR Newswire make it easy to publish press releases in a place where others can find the information and even share it on their own site. These sites also allow for links, so you can use them as part of your SEO campaign. When you use press releases, make sure the content is newsworthy and current so they will be as effective as possible.

Publishing branded content on various sites will help you reach a wider audience, drive traffic to your site and even earn search engine rankings. The key is to choose the sites you use carefully and opt for high-quality sites with a good reputation and that attract your market.