What Exactly is E-commerce SEO?

Without search engine optimisation, your market won’t be as likely to find you online, which can lead to all kinds of marketing and business struggles. E-commerce SEO is similar to general SEO, except it is used specifically to target potential customers and make online sales.

Why E-commerce SEO is Essential

You’re probably asking yourself why you need e-commerce SEO if you’re already using an SEO campaign to optimise your site and make your content easier to find. The answer is that an e-commerce SEO campaign is specially designed to help you bring more customers to your site and increase sales. While you can accomplish all kinds of goals with traditional SEO, e-commerce SEO focuses solely on increasing online sales.

What E-commerce SEO Involves

Like a traditional SEO campaign, e-commerce SEO involves strategically choosing and then using keywords. However, this kind of campaign is specifically interested in keywords that potential customers, or those considering making a purchase, would use and then getting that market to the right page on your site to make a sale.

Once those keywords have been identified, tactics like onsite optimisation, link building, content creation, blogging, landing page optimisation, email campaigns, social media promotion and other tactics are used.

Site design and layout, site copy and calls to action can also help you make more sales and part of an e-commerce SEO campaign involves analysing those things and making sure they are being used to their fullest potential.

Testing and Measurement

Most SEO campaigns involve some trial and error and testing of techniques and keywords. The same holds true for e-commerce SEO. The key to making this kind of SEO work is choosing keywords that bring the biggest value and help you make the most sales and then knowing how to drive traffic to the right pages.

This involves some split testing, analytics and measuring to find out how well a campaign is working and what changes should be made to get even better results. Without testing and measurement, it’s impossible to know how successful you are being and how you could see even more results.

More than Keywords and Numbers

However, making e-commerce SEO work involves more than keywords and statistics. It requires an understanding of a market, what excites customers, what people need, consumer behaviour and how to choose tactics that will convert site visitors into customers.

Whenever someone visits your website, you have an opportunity to make a sale. With e-commerce SEO, you can increase your chances of making sales by directly targeting people who are more likely to make a purchase and optimising your website to make sure that once the right people are on your site, they will become customers. E-commerce SEO brings incredible opportunities to your business and can help you increase sales like few other online marketing strategies can.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to roll out an e-commerce SEO campaign specifically designed for your business so you can make more sales this year. We offer free e-commerce SEO consultations and can help your business create a plan that will drive customers to your site and increase revenue.