Europe Vs Facebook

While the hot news this week is all about the Facebook IPO – with every tech news outlet on the planet debating the issue of ‘to buy or not to buy’ (with the majority ruling that you shouldn’t buy, but probably will) on this side of the pond a group of Austrian activists may be gearing up to throw a spanner in the Facebook works.

Mark Zuckerberg - Image from Mashable

While it wouldn’t stop the IPO from going ahead, it could cause some problems for the company. The Austrian students have drummed up a lot of publicity, through their website and through German TV, to draw attention to the problems surrounding the way Facebook stores data about users and how they use it. The requests to change the data policy were filed almost one year ago in Ireland – requests were made to make the privacy policy more transparent, and to make it easier to delete stored information.

The question now is, if this issue was put to a worldwide vote, would Facebook users be informed enough to vote, or would they even care enough to vote. The chnages would be binding if more than 30% of users voted in favour, a policy which is set out by Facebooks own statement of rights and responsibilities.

I reported last week on a study which said that privacy controls were ignored by a huge 13 million American users. While we don’t have any data from Europe or the rest of the world, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume the same.

With the new proposed data use policy being a hefty and jargon-filled document, it’s easy to see how the average social networker could be completely unpeterurbed by the potential privacy risks.

Share your thoughts below – would you like to see this issue go to a worldwide vote?

via: Techcrunch