Essential Elements of Successful Marketing Emails

Image courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul/

Yesterday I posted about how you can improve your email marketing subject lines to increase open rates. Successful marketing emails start with excellent subject lines, but once you have the perfect subject, the email itself needs to include some specific things.


When you include these elements and use them to their fullest potential, people won’t just open your emails, they will act on them.

Design that Highlights Action Points

First and foremost, you need a design that helps you highlight the most important parts of the email and your calls to action. The design should reflect your brand and look professional, but not be so busy or loud that it distracts from your message. Use colours, images, graphics, different layouts and even white space to your advantage.


It’s a good idea to stick with a template or theme for all of your emails so your market will associate them with your business and brand.

An Eye-Catching Headline

Use an eye-catching headline at the top of your email that reiterates and echoes what your subject line said. Use a similar strategy by using it to grab attention, promise a benefit or tell people why they should read your email.


The headline can also include a call to action, but doesn’t have to. Make it stand out by using a bigger or bold font, a contrasting colour or a graphic element like an underline or box.

Persuasive Copy that Works

Use persuasive copy that appeals to your market for the body of the email. The tone and style you use will depend on what your goals are, but in most cases, the body should be used to persuade your reader to take some kind of action.


The best persuasive copy uses the readers’ needs, influential people or things and interests to tap into their emotion and desires to encourage them to do something.

Relevant Links

Use links in your marketing emails to provide people with more information, resources and context that are relevant to your message. For example, you may direct people to your website for more information or ask them to subscribe to your blog to stay updated.


You will most likely need to use links as part of your calls to action. In most cases, people will need to leave the email to follow through with what you are asking them to do. Make this very easy by including links they can use to respond.

Strong Calls to Action

Every marketing email you send needs to include a call to action. Calls to action are your reason for sending the email and are what will help you reach your marketing and business goals.


The calls to action could be as simple as asking people to follow you on social media or as involved as asking people to make a purchase or sign up for a new service. Make these calls to action very clear and simple and use links to make it very easy for people to respond to them.


Marketing emails can be an extremely useful tool that can help you promote your business and reach all kinds of goals, from increased sales to a bigger social media following. To make sure your emails help you get there, start with an excellent subject line and then use each of these essential elements to their fullest potential.