Email Marketing Nottingham

Email Marketing Nottingham

Nottingham email marketing campaigns that convert like crazy!

Email marketing an incredibly powerful communications channel that ends up in someone’s inbox.

It’s about building trust and a lasting relationship with your customers to ensure they continue to shop with you. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s reliable – there’s no reason, we can think at least, of not to embrace email marketing.

However, a successful email marketing strategy requires careful planning and preparation. One simple slip-up and your email could find its way into someone’s junk, never to be opened – all that time and effort, for what?

We make sure that never happens.

Sign for an email marketing Nottingham company.

One thing we can help with is securing data from those who are genuinely interested in your business. The most effective way to achieve results is to send emails to people who have already subscribed. That way, you are not wasting time and money sending out emails to everyone you know.

We’ll help promote email campaigns on both social media and your website to encourage sign-ups. ‘Sign up for our newsletter to receive monthly promotions and money off popular products.’ This is the hook; from there, you can cherry-pick your marketing messages.

Lists and subscribers:

An email marketing Nottingham campaign is nothing without a well-maintained list of subscribers. You don’t want to deal with bought subscribers. It’s all about opt-in, organic data. Don’t have that yourself? Not a problem. Our email marketing Nottingham team are proficient at lead generation, so they can dedicate time to build and optimise your subscriber list. Not only will we build your subscriber list but we’ll also make it GDPR compliant in line with the 2018 legislation.

Design for an email marketing Nottingham campaign.

Custom email templates:

You’ll not find a digital marketing team with a more varied range of skills – go on, we challenge you. Our email marketing Nottingham team are sticklers for detail. They are creative marketers at heart and enjoy nothing more than coming up with creative ideas that are perfect for your business. We don’t waste time; we test everything to ensure you have the perfect solution every time. Whatever your dream email template, we can make it a reality. Once we have created an eye-catching email template, our developers will work to ensure it’s versatile, editable and responsive, so it looks flawless on all devices.

PR marketing messages:

When it comes to outreach marketing, the clue is in the name. We reach out to third-party influencers who will sing the praises of your brand. But first, we need to build relationships with them to ensure they trust us. It’s all about honesty. If you have ever attempted to send an outreach email, you will understand the complications. People need to appreciate you, and your business. We’ll follow them on social media, comment and share their posts and get to know them on a personal level. From there, we can reach out to them with personalised PR marketing emails. This is an entirely different type of email marketing that requires a knowledge of what to say and how to approach influencers. They get literally thousands of emails per day – we make sure yours stands out!

Woman sending messages for an email marketing Nottingham campaign.
Reports for an email marketing Nottingham campaign.

Testing and reporting:

What is the best subject line? Which call-to-actions result in the highest click-through-rate? It’s no good guessing. Not when we can find out for you. We test and monitor every campaign sent so we can be sure your campaigns keep delivering better results every time.

Our email marketing Nottingham team are driven by results. We’ll dig deep into your analytics to find out what worked, what didn’t, and what generated the highest returns. Expect comprehensive reporting that gives you all the details needed to progress your business forwards.

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