Email Marketing Newcastle

Email Marketing Newcastle

Want to get your email campaigns noticed?

Our email marketing Newcastle services will create an eye-catching message.

How many times has a company email enticed you to click through and buy a product?

With notifications of sales, free shipping, and free gifts, you’re automatically enticed to browse the website. If you want to increase your consumers’ motivation to buy your products or services, our email marketing Newcastle service is a great way to do this.

Email marketing is becoming increasingly impactful in digital marketing. With the rise of technology, smartphones and tablets have created an easy way for people to constantly check their emails.

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The world of email marketing is competitive. Think about it, how many emails flood into your inbox every day? We’d be happy to put a bet on the fact that it’s quite a lot. With so many emails going out, you need to stand out from the crowd, especially when it’s highly likely that a lot of the ones surrounding yours are a competitor’s campaign. The aim is to make your emails appealing and intriguing, so your audience can’t resist opening them.

You might have tried email campaigns before and found negative results, with a low open rate and no change in sales. Our email marketing Newcastle team use their extensive experience to produce a campaign that will stand out from the rest. We create captivating subject lines, creative content and interesting imagery to help your campaign on its way to success.

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Why is Email Marketing important?

Emails provide an instant method of communication across the world. 34% of people check their emails daily, making up a large portion of your potential customers. It gives you an instant method of communication, spreading brand awareness. It is nice to give your consumers a reminder that you’re there every once in a while, inspiring them to buy your products.

Email marketing is constantly evolving, no longer is it just about writing an email and clicking send. You now have the ability to tailor emails to the specific interests or your audience, depending on what it is they looked at on your website. For example, if they had some products in their basket that they decided not to purchase, you could have an email automatically sent to them. This could be offering perks such as free delivery to inspire them to go back and buy what they were interested in before.

Our Email Marketing Newcastle services

Email campaigns can be tricky to get right. With the fight for attention, it’s better to invest in someone who you know has an experience of achieving positive results from email campaigns. At Bigfoot Digital, we know all the tricks of the trade. You can trust us to get you positive results, working tirelessly until you see a return on investment. We’ll design and create effective emails that engage your customers to open and come back for more. Here are a few of the things you can expect from our email marketing Newcastle services:

  • Quality Content

Content is essential when it comes to email campaigns. Your content needs to be informative, engaging and well written. It is important to give your audience an effective offer while also giving them information about your company and why they should continue using you. At Bigfoot Digital our email marketing Newcastle team includes professional content writers, guaranteed to give you a well-written script for your emails.

  • Interesting subject

The subject line is the first thing your audience sees. This can be the deciding factor of whether or not they are going to bother reading your email, so it’s pretty important. Your audience wants to feel important, so it can be a good idea to tailor your subject line to them instead of just something basic. This will definitely help you stand out. Our experienced email marketing Newcastle team know how to create the perfect subject to go along with your email. Interesting, unique and not too sales-y is the exact combination we go for. It’s also always essential to have a touch of your brand’s personality in there.

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  • Accurate timing

Timing is everything. When it comes to emails, you need to be sure they are being sent at the best date and time possible. Many companies choose to send one out on common paydays, knowing that their consumers are more likely to purchase. It is also pretty normal for campaign emails to go out during national holidays throughout the year, such as the Christmas period. There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing the best time to send your emails. Our email marketing Newcastle team have experience in researching the best time. We work hard to make sure the emails we have created for our clients are sent at the best time. After putting all of our efforts into developing your email campaigns we want to make sure they are a success.

  • Results report

When you are investing money into email campaigns, you want to make sure it is worth it. We are able to track the success of the email campaigns we create, allowing us to adapt anything necessary. For example, if the open rate is low we know it is the subject line that needs to be more engaging, rather than something wrong once the emailed is open. It is our goal to make sure the campaigns we create for you are a success, and checking statistics helps us do this. It also gives us the chance to show you how our email campaigns are working for your company.

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