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Email Marketing Funnel

Level up your email marketing
with a professional sales funnel.

If your email messages come across as pushy, they can do more harm than good. It can lead to an increase in unsubscribes, spam complaints and unhappy customers. Not a good impression.

Instead, you want to treat your audience as if you have just met. Only get in touch when you have something valuable to offer. Not every customer is going to have the same requirements, so a blanket campaign is not going to cut it.

What about a monthly newsletter? A new product release or service? Wishing your subscribers a happy birthday? That’s personalised, right? While there’s nothing wrong with these processes, you could be making your emails work harder for you.

Writing content for an email marketing funnel.

But, how?

By setting up automated email marketing funnels.

Marketing funnel automation is not limited to email, but email is arguably where it comes in most handy. Email automation is designed to trigger messages sent only when a visitor completes a specific action on your website. For example, when a visitor fills in a form or reads a blog post. The complexity of these email marketing funnels can vary – from a simple ‘welcome’ email to ease people in or an email targeted at people ready to convert. Whatever your funnel type, you’ll first need email automation software.

Automate your emails using Clickfunnels

There’s only one platform to use when it comes to email automation, and that’s Clickfunnels.

We started using Clickfunnels some years back and have never looked back. It gives you everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products online. Email automation is just the start. You can create landing pages using high-converting templates and sales scripts, and tie all this into an email marketing campaign.

What’s better? Clickfunnels offers new users a 14-day free trial, so you can try before you buy. Hit the quick enquiry button to sign up today!

Two ways to capture leads from email marketing funnels.

There are many ways to capture leads through your email marketing funnel, but the following are the most popular. They can be implemented at any stage of your funnel to capture data and converse with customers.

Opt-in forms:

If you’ve poked around our blogs and service pages, you’ve probably noticed strategically placed opt-in forms. They require readers to enter details like their name and email address. This is a fantastic way to lead traffic into your email marketing funnel because you can embed them anywhere across your site.

Does one of your pages get a high volume of traffic? Do people tend to spend more time on this page than others? If so, consider placing an opt-in form on that particular page to capture data from interested readers.

Opt-in form as part of an email marketing funnel.

Our blog is a page on our website that is updated every week with fresh content. Having an audit generator on this page is a fabulous form of data capture. It provides relevant information about the types of people who may be interested in our services and gives them clear actions on how to improve their marketing – win, win!

Another option is to help increase engagement with existing customers is to send them a link to your email marketing funnel. You can personalise your messages to suit their buying journey with your brand. While you may already have their data from previous purchases, the goal here is to build trust with customers, helping you increase their lifetime value.

Landing pages:

Think about landing pages as opt-in forms on steroids. Instead of embedding an opt-in form on a single page, a landing page is an entire page dedicated to your offer. You’ll have space here to provide details about your offer that encourage people to click.

Remember, don’t overwhelm your readers with multiple call-to-actions. As above, you have already decided on your action to be an email sign-up. Having more than one call-to-action is going to confuse your readers. They may leave without taking any action at all. Don’t run that risk!

What content do you include on your landing page? There are multiple pieces of content you can push, but we highly recommend creating interactive resources – PDF, ebooks, guides, quizzes, etc. It naturally encourages people to engage with your brand. They may even share the content with friends, family or work colleagues.

That’s double the number of eyes on your brand. Get your message right, and your campaign could even go viral!

Use email marketing funnels to retain customers

So, that’s how to generate interest in your brand covered. But what about engaging with existing customers. There’s nothing worse than an email saying “BUY FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – GET YOURS TODAY!” This language is a big turn-off to customers, especially if sent to those who are new to your subscriber’s list.

You need to be conscious of what your messages say, who you send them to and when you send them. That’s not to say that a message carefully worded about a limited time offer is going to crash and burn – it’s often just presented too soon.

The best way to retain customers is to build trust with them by way of a free resource and advice. We’d recommend sending them a guide to learn more about your niche so that when it comes to making a purchase, they understand the value of your product and/or service. It also positions you as a professional and market leader, which is a bonus.

This is how you retain lifetime customers who are the ones that return to spend money with your business time and time again. Basically, every marketer’s dream!

Here are some additional suggestions to help nurture your relationship with subscribers:

  • Be consistent: Let’s say you contact your subscribers with an exciting new product launch, but then they don’t hear from you until weeks later. Your relationship will grow stale. The best way to stay in the minds of your customers is to keep in contact. That doesn’t always mean pushing a sale or product launch. Even an email linking to a blog or online guide will be much appreciated.
  • Read and answer email replies: Emails perform best when they are more like a conversation than a monologue. Take the time to read and respond to your subscribers. Even if you get thousands of replies, action should be taken to read every last one. For the ones offering advice and feedback, don’t neglect this. Action everything! For example, you could update your FAQ’s page or send a Q&A video answering common questions.
  • Create an automated list for old content: Don’t have the time to send out a weekly newsletter or create a new blog post at the drop of a hat? You can always send out popular posts dated years ago – providing they’re evergreen! Not everyone is going to have read your content, so make it last longer with automated emails linking to these posts.

Got email marketing funnel questions?

So, there you have it – everything you can possibly know about email marketing funnels. How to create them and implement them for your business to attract more people to your website and to generate an increase in sales.

Do you have any questions about email marketing sales funnels? We’d love to help you kickstart your campaign and start attracting new customers! Drop us a call on 01226 720 755 to speak to one of our friendly members of staff.