Email Marketing Edinburgh

Email Marketing Edinburgh

Get your message across with our email marketing Edinburgh services. 

Businesses around the world use email marketing as an extra way to get noticed.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll get a lot of emails in your inbox daily, and sometimes, you may have to go through and delete them in bulk! However, what happens when you come across that intriguing subject line?

The one email that stands out above the rest? With our email marketing Edinburgh services, we’ll create that catching subject, the compelling copy and those stunning images that your customers just can’t ignore.

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If you’re ready to motivate your customers to visit your site, an email marketing strategy is a great choice. Perhaps you’re ready to send out regular newsletters to your database of customer email addresses, or maybe you just want to let them know of a new exciting product or service. Either way, you’ll benefit from a little help from our expert email marketing Edinburgh team.

So, what does our email marketing service involve?

Starting out with email marketing can be a little baffling if you’ve not jumped into it before, so working with a team of professionals can really lighten the load and ensure you’re always heading in the right direction. Here are just a few of the things you can expect from us and our service:

Creative and informational content.

Wherever you need a little bit of copy, our in-house content writers are at your service! We can write as much or as little content as you need for your email campaign, ensuring it really sells a product or service in the right way. An email marketing Edinburgh strategy can also use the right copy to persuade someone to take action through clicking a link to your website to find out more information.

Timing is everything.

The time you send out an email can really make all the difference when it comes to your opening rate. Send it too early or too late, and you’ll miss your window of opportunity. Timing your emails and scheduling them so they land in your customers’ inbox when they are most likely to be active will be much more successful, and we know how. Work commutes or lunch times may work in your favour!

Detailed reports.

With every campaign, we can collect important results including bounce rate percentages, opening rates and which parts of your email grabbed the most clicks. These results aren’t only interesting things to look at, but they can also help us to improve our strategy too. We’ll be able to see the types of content your customers respond best to, as well as what people aren’t really paying much attention to. We can tailor-build each email so your customers will engage with it more.

Eye-catching subject lines.

The content inside your email will be a complete waste of time if you can’t get a customer to click on it in the first place. The solution to this problem is to create an intriguing subject line that encourages your customer to find more information. Our team can use the right vocabulary to entice a reader which will, in turn, give you a great opening rate.

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Why is email marketing important?

As a provider of email marketing Edinburgh services, we obviously think it’s a worthy investment! Email can supply your business with a huge list of benefits:

It’s instant.

After the initial designing process, you can pretty much send out bulk emails to your list of customers within seconds.

It’s an instant form of communication, and after you’ve sent your emails out, you’ll be able to monitor their progress from the word go.

We’re a friendly group.

There’s nothing better than working with a group of people who are approachable and great to talk to. We fit that description perfectly. Our team love to meet new people and chat about all things business. Face-to-face meetings are our favourite – we get to talk about our passion, and consume all the tea and biscuits.

We are at the top of our game.

We’ve got an awful lot of experience in the internet marketing industry. Not only have we been around since the beginning of the internet, but in that time, our skill set has grown and grown exponentially. No task is too big or small for us.

Your information is safe with us.

We take our client’s information incredibly seriously. No matter how we work with you, whether we’re put in charge of your new web build or we’re given access to your social media accounts, you can be assured that your details are kept safe and secure.

They can be tailored.

Gone are the days where everything needs to have the same boring layout to work effectively. These days, when choosing a reputable email marketing management platform, you have the ability to customise the whole design and layout however you wish to keep things consistent with your brand. Our email marketing Edinburgh team can help. Have a question? Shoot us a message by clicking the button below!

Combine with other strategies.

Email marketing goes hand in hand with a selection of other digital marketing strategies. It just so happens that we are a full-service digital marketing agency ourselves! For example, by having a new data capture form on your website, you’ll easily be able to gather the consent of new customers to receive emails from you. (Our web development team can help you out with that, no problem.) Why not combine email marketing with a social strategy or PR? The choice is yours.

If you need some help with an email marketing Edinburgh strategy, we’ve got your back.

At Bigfoot Digital, we like to keep things easy for you. In fact, we always make the process as simple as possible, right from day one. Our Edinburgh email marketing services ensure that you get what you expect, as well as a service that goes above and beyond to get you the right results.

So, where does it all begin? Well, it all starts with an enquiry from you. When you’ve identified the need for email marketing services and you think we’ll be able to help you get the results you need, you can make an enquiry by calling our team or dropping us an email to We can then run you through what we do, we’ll find out more about what you’re looking for, and a member of our accounts team can put together a proposal for you.

When you decide you love our email marketing approach and friendly nature, we can get the ball rolling. We’ll get the right team on board and get started on your email marketing strategy. It really is as simple as that! We’ll keep you updated each step of the way too, to ensure you’re continuously happy with the service we’re providing. We’ll be honest, we’re sure you will be.

Make your enquiry today, and let’s get started – you’ll be more than happy with the result!