Email Marketing Calls to Action you can Steal

All good email marketing messages include a call to action.

Whether the purpose of your email is to spur some kind of action or you simply include a subtle call to action as a side note, this element is what will help you see results.

The calls to action you use will depend entirely upon your marketing campaign and goals, but the following calls to action can be altered to work for your business.

“Buy our Product and find the Perfect Solution”

One of the most common calls to action is to ask people to buy a product. Make this more enticing by proving value and telling people why your product is the perfect solution to their problem. You can also give people an extra nudge with a coupon or discount code and by using a “buy now” or “shop our products” button for easy access.

You’ll need to know your market well and promote the right product to the right people to boost sales, so organise your subscription lists and do market research.

“Stop by our Location for an Upcoming Event”

Use your subscriber list to invite people to visit your location to shop for your new products, attend an event or take advantage of competitive prices. Again, you will need to target this email to the right audience, as it will be most effective with people in your local area. Dress up this call to action by offering an added bonus, like a first-time buyer discount, or promoting a giveaway at the event.

“Check out our Website for More Information”

If you want to drive traffic to your website, don’t give everything away in your emails. Instead, give people enough information to get them interested and then ask them to click through to your website for more information.

This is commonly used with blog posts, with businesses sending just the first paragraph or so of a post and then linking to their website for the rest of the content. But, this strategy doesn’t have to be used with blogging; it can be used with just about any kind of content including web pages, ebooks, videos or product pages. The idea is to give people a sneak peek and then ask them to go to your website.

“Follow us on Social Media for more Perks”

Asking people to follow you on social media is a great call to action you can use for messages that are used for brand awareness. In some cases, you may not be asking people to do anything; you are just sending information. This is a good time to add links to your social media accounts and ask people to connect with you there.

You can also make this a secondary call to action at the bottom of every email. It will give people one more way to connect with you and stay up to date with your business and help you build your online following.

While these calls to action may seem simple, they can be very powerful when used in the right context and when targeted for your market. They can support your general marketing plans and help you achieve more, so make sure each of your emails has a call to action.