Email List Building Features to add to your Website

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

We hear a lot of advice on how to encourage people to sign up for email subscription lists and even how to enhance email marketing campaigns. What you don’t hear very often is how you can update your website and what features you can add to build your email list faster.

Some visual elements and features can help draw attention to your subscription form and help you persuade people to sign up.

Pop-Up Boxes

Love them or hate them, pop-up boxes are a commonly used feature when it comes to promoting email subscriptions. According to some sources, pop-up boxes can increase your subscription rate by as much as 400 percent.

Of course, the results you see will depend on your business, what incentives you offer and even what your pop-up looks like and how it behaves. Experiment with different designs, copy, placements and even timing to find out what works for you.

Locked Content

One way to incentivize your visitors to opt in to your email list is to give them access to locked content when they log in with their email address. This strategy is often used with free offers, but you could take it further by creating a whole suite of content on your site available only to subscribers.

To make this work, the “subscriber only” content you offer needs to be valuable enough that people will want to join and you’ll still need to advertise the content and tell people why they are missing out if they don’t log in.

Coming Soon Landing Pages

If you are launching a new website, product, blog, resource or anything else on your site, generate hype about it and send people to a landing page. The landing page should provide information about what is coming and an offer to let visitors know, through email, when the product is available.

Support Forms

If you can provide online support through chat or email, or if your customer support team can return calls to customers who fill out a form, make entering an email address mandatory. Instead of using anonymous support chat boxes, ask people to fill out basic information like their first name and email address before they can chat with a representative. Add these emails to your subscription list so these people will start getting your marketing emails.

Giveaway Entry Forms

We’ve all seen those giveaway entry forms that require entrants to share content or connect with a business on social media. Instead of doing this, or in addition to it, why not ask for an email address? This is a great way to get email addresses and allow people to sample your products or encourage them to start talking about your business.

Remember that with any email-gathering technique, you need to make it clear that the subscriber is agreeing to receive emails from you. Don’t engage in any sneaky methods, as these will backfire, damage your reputation and even cause you to lose your market’s trust.

All of these site features can help you grow your email list, so try a few different approaches and techniques to find the best way to attract subscribers for your business.