To Email or Not to Email: Is Email Marketing for You?

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Email marketing can be an extremely powerful form of marketing. It lets you get into your markets’ inbox and deliver messaging and value like few other tactics do. Email marketing success stories are common, but is this kind of marketing for you?

Many businesses can benefit from email marketing, but by asking yourself these questions you can determine if you should use your time and resources to start a campaign.

Does my Market Want to Hear from Me?

First, decide if your market wants to hear from you. Think about what you could offer through emails and what your market is looking for. If you can fill that need, email marketing could work for you. You can also do surveys or polls on your website and find out if people would be interested in getting emails from you.

Do I have Something of Value to Share?

The best and most successful email marketing campaigns provide value. They offer something people want, need or benefit from. If you can’t provide value, you will struggle to gain subscribers, maintain a strong email list and get benefits from your campaign. Think about what would benefit your market and then find ways you can use email to provide that benefit.

Can I be Consistent?

Like other marketing tactics, email marketing requires consistency. You need to keep providing value to your subscribers while also benefitting your business. If you don’t think you have the time, resources or content to send regular emails, this tactic may not be a good fit.

There isn’t one answer to how frequently you should send emails. Your frequency will depend on your business, the kinds of emails you send and your market. You will most likely need to do some testing before you find the perfect frequency.

How can my Business Benefit?

Before you pursue email marketing, make sure your business will benefit from it. Email marketing can help you boost sales, increase traffic, improve brand awareness, build your reputation and accomplish all kinds of things. Look at your business and marketing goals and determine whether or not email marketing can help you.

Do I have a Strategy?

If you want to use email marketing successfully and to reach your goals, you need to have a strategy. Random emails that are sent without specific messaging, calls to action and thoughtful layouts won’t benefit your business.

When you decide to use email marketing, keep things like your goals and market in mind as you build a strategy that will ensure you are successful. Each email you send should be part of a bigger plan and fit into a bigger marketing picture.

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business, reach your customers and accomplish a variety of marketing and business goals. But, before you start using this form of marketing, make sure it is the right fit for your business and market so you will be successful.