Ello: What it is and what you Should Know

You’ve likely already heard about the newest social media network: Ello. Now that the dust has settled and it looks like the site has gained some traction, do you know what it’s all about? New social media sites come and go, and understanding the latest trends and how they can benefit your business is important to a comprehensive internet marketing strategy.

The Basics of Ello

So what exactly is Ello? With all the social media networks out there, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly be new. Here are a few highlights:


– Ello is in beta, and will likely develop over time.
– It is currently ad free.
– Users can view a “friends” newsfeed or a “noise” newsfeed, and can customise each.
– Ello was originally a private social network, but growing interest led the creators to make it public.
– Users do not have to use their real name, so there is potential for people to use it anonymously.
– Users must have an invite to sign up, which they can get from their friends who are users or by requesting one on the home page.
– The network is free to use, but users may pay to add some special features to their accounts.


The appeal is clearly that the network is new, fresh, clean and something different. Ello is also a great option for people who are worried about privacy, since it makes a point of telling people it does not sell user information.

Is Ello Popular?

Ello started out as a relatively quiet and unknown social network when it was launched in April. In the past few months, that has changed as it has grown in popularity and word is spreading about the newest network on the block.


According to Search Engine Journal, on September 24 the site was fielding 4,000 signups every hour. Just two days later, it reported 38,000 per hour. That rapid growth helped Ello gain popularity on blogs and among social media users, who helped spread the word.


In the coming months, we’ll see if this trend of fast growth continues and how active users are on the site. The number of people who have signed up for a social network isn’t as important as the number who use it regularly when it comes to internet marketing.

What Businesses Should Know

First, it’s important to remember that right now Ello is completely ad free and does not sell user information to third-party companies. So, where do businesses and internet marketing fit in?


Since it’s still in its very early stages, we can’t say for sure how Ello could benefit your business in the future. Many social networks, like Pinterest, added special features and accounts for businesses after their official launch and once they had grown a large user base. Ello may do the same, allowing businesses to set up official profiles on the site so they can gain followers.


While Ello has made it clear that it does not allow advertising on the site, it hasn’t stated that business can’t use the site at all. Your business may still be able to set up a profile and interact with users in a more conversational way to form relationships and raise awareness.


It remains to be seen whether Ello will catch on and how businesses can use it to its fullest potential. However, the fact that users are interested in a social media site that doesn’t allow advertising tells us that one approach to add to your social media strategy might be posting quality content, having conversations and forming relationships, not just relying on ads.