Ecommerce Website Design Nottingham

Ecommerce Website Design Nottingham

Ecommerce websites that do the selling for you!

Whether you are opening an online store or looking for a bespoke booking system, our ecommerce website design Nottingham team can deliver a specialist platform that generates impressive returns for your business. All the websites we build are designed to operate flawlessly on all devices. Whether your customers are shopping on desktop, tablet or smartphone, they will receive the same level of security and customer service. Ultimately, your site will be optimised for the entire user journey from click through to conversion.

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What would you say if we told you that we can build websites that appear at the top of Google? At Bigfoot Digital, our ecommerce website design Nottingham services are driven by digital marketing. Not only do we create websites but we optimise them too for competitive Google rankings. For that reason, we are considered by our clients to be one step ahead of the competition. Basically, we can deliver far more than your average website design company. What’s more, we have a bespoke pricing strategy based on your requirements and budget. We’ll work with you to design and website that brings your brand to life.

Why choose Bigfoot Digital?

Our ecommerce website design Nottingham services are a cut above the rest. Our web designers have knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS, along with the latest industry developments. We strive to ensure your ecommerce site delivers results in line with your requirements and KPIs. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Hassle-free checkout:

Keep your checkout process clear and clutter-free to ensure visitors are not tempted to leave. It’s proven that the longer it takes to place an order, the more inclined visitors are to abandon their cart. You must first make sure customers are aware of any additional fees they may incur as a result of purchasing from you, such as shipping rates that could harm the chance of a potential sale. Honestly is always the best policy.

From there, display trust signals like previous reviews and security badges to indicate that your website is credible and that the checkout process is secure. We’ll set up tracking on your cart to ensure you never miss an opportunity to secure a sale. For those who don’t convert, we’ll set up retargeting campaigns offering them a discount or free shipping, for example, on items in their cart.

Consistent online presence:

If your hosting provider fails you, ditch them. Having an ecommerce website that is down, even for a short period of time, is dangerous. If a potential customer comes across your site at that time, it’s game over. That’s a missed opportunity. In other words, a lost sale. Your hosting provider should grow as you do to keep up with demand. There’s no good being scrimpy with a hosting plan that can not handle the number of orders coming in as this will negatively impact your reputation and conversion rate. As an ecommerce website design Nottingham agency, we manage client websites that all rely on a steady stream of traffic to maintain their position in the search engines. Our hosting provider is reliable, honest and has excellent customer service – we are yet to experience any problems.

Powerful user journey:

Each page on your website should guide your visitors toward a page designed to capture leads. Whether that’s ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Add To Cart,’ or ‘Sign Up,’ it’s all about customers data. Don’t confuse visitors with too many actions on a page. The next step should be straightforward and easy to take. Giving visitors options will only confuse them instead of pushing for a final result. Decide on your goals and stick to them. We can help you design pages that inspire action and generate powerful results.

Local optimisation:

As a Nottingham business, you should be looking to improve your organic rankings. More specifically, you should be looking to improve your visibility for local listings. Outside of listing your phone number and contact details, you can also embed a map and driving locations on your site. As the most dominant Yorkshire SEO agency, we are experts in local SEO. Our position one rankings for competitive terms offers peace of mind to clients that we know what we’re doing.

Creative content:

It’s incredibly important to have clear details about each product you stock. If a customer can’t find a product or is uncertain about a purchase, they will look elsewhere for the information they require. Our ecommerce website design Nottingham agency also has a team of creative content writers that bring your products to life on the page. Their content writing skills are exceptional and have us hooked, no matter what the topic. We’ll research, write and optimise content for you to ensure you rank higher in Google’s search results and, most importantly, convert clicks into customers.

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Raise the bar for your competitors with a professional website that delivers impressive results. We can also deliver effective website design for corporate, business and brochure websites. Our website design Nottingham agency can help you reach your goals and exceed your expectations. Simply drop us an email at – we’d love to help you thrive online.