Ecommerce Website Design Glasgow

Ecommerce Website Design Glasgow

Grow your business with an ecommerce website that will do the selling for you!

Online shopping – the internet success that lets us buy products in the comfort of our own home. Businesses who sell products need a strategically designed ecommerce website to increase visitors and boost sales. Our ecommerce website design Glasgow services will provide you with a completely customised website that fits your customers’ needs perfectly. If you’ve been looking for a full-service ecommerce website design Glasgow agency, then you’ve come to the right place. Hit the ‘Quick Enquiry’ button for a free, no obligation quote.

Planning Ecommerce Website Design Glasgow service

Whether you’re looking to open an online shop or a booking system, our creative ecommerce website design Glasgow team are happy to take on your project. We can deliver a platform that inspires your customers to purchase from you, with easy navigation and a secure payment platform. It is essential you have a system that works efficiently and loads fast to keep up with customer demand. Our specialist website design Glasgow team will fully optimise your existing sales strategy to help maximise your conversions.

Why choose our Glasgow ecommerce website design?

At Bigfoot Digital we design your ecommerce website to be a level up from all of your competitors. Our designers have a lot of experience, with a high knowledge of: HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We strive to keep up with the latest industry developments, ensuring your ecommerce website continues delivering results that achieve your requirements and KPIs. When we build your website, here are some of the things you can expect from our ecommerce website design:

  • Mobile Responsive

As everything is about fast, easy-access information now, mobile and tablets are the go to for the majority of people. We design our websites to be accessible on all devices, with a responsive system that alters the format depending on what the site is being viewed on.

When a website is not correctly formatted to work on your device it can be extremely frustrating. Aspects such as the navigation bar are almost unusable when it is set for a desktop and nothing else. It can also lead to an extremely slow loading time, which can make potential customers give up on your website. As well as making this convenient and easy for your customers, it helps boost your rankings due to Google’s algorithm.

  • WordPress CMS

Our ecommerce website design Glasgow team create all of our websites using WordPress CMS. This is a great platform to use as it is easily adjustable, providing you with a website that grows with your business. WordPress gives us complete creative control, with a variety of themes that allow you to create all types of websites. From ecommerce to brochure website design, WordPress gives our designers complete creative control which, with their technical abilities, is a recipe for success.

  • Secure checkout:

Once you get the customers on your website you need to make sure it is easy to use and won’t lead to them clicking off frustrated. Your checkout system plays a big part in whether or not your website will be a success. Our ecommerce website design Glasgow team ensure that not only does your checkout have a safe payment system, but also that it functions well for your customers.

Our team have a history of creating ecommerce sites, which is why we know it is important to display trust signals such as security badges. This visually shows your customers that the process is secure. We can collaborate with you to entice those who click on your website and do not purchase, using systems such as retargeting campaigns that offer perks such as free shipping

  • Positive user experience:

Once your ecommerce website is designed there is one thing that needs to be the main focus point: user experience. If your customer doesn’t find your website easy to use and well-functioning, they will no longer continue to use your page. You can even lose sales! Also, any negative reviews from previous customers will dramatically decrease the number of customers you get. This is why our ecommerce website design Glasgow team ensure everything is working well and easy to use for your customers, as well as being visually appealing for them.

  • Informative content:

Every well-designed website needs a chunk of high-quality content to go along with it. It is important to provide your customers with all of the information required about the products and services on your website, with completely clear communication of everything they need to know. Our ecommerce website design Glasgow agency also have an entire team of professional content writers that will match your products perfectly. As already mentioned, user experience is really important, and not having all the information needed is definitely a negative.

Interested in selling your products or services online? Get in touch with Bigfoot Digital today!

Our ecommerce website design Glasgow service are a cut above the rest, collaborating with our clients to create the perfect website for your needs. As a talented, experienced team, we know exactly what it takes to make a successful ecommerce website. No matter what product or service you are trying to sell, here at Bigfoot Digital we have the tools to create exactly what you need.

As a full-service digital agency, we offer more than just ecommerce sites, including services such as SEO and social media. Investing in these services alongside of your website can thoroughly boost your sales, due to being easier to find online. Get in touch with our website design team at for more information on how we can help you grow your business.