Ecommerce Website Design Birmingham

Ecommerce Website Design Birmingham

Want a fully-functioning website that won’t let you down? You need our ecommerce website design Birmingham services. 

The world of shopping transformed completely when the internet evolved. These days, you can fill your virtual basket with a variety of goodies, make a purchase, pay for your goods and wait for them to be delivered directly to your door. How convenient! If you have a business selling goods, our ecommerce website design Birmingham is just what you need to bring in more custom.

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Whether you have an existing website or you’re after a brand new space on the internet, we can deliver. Our ecommerce website design Birmingham professionals are skilled in website design and development and can transform or create a website to your exact specifications.

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Why choose our ecommerce website design Birmingham services?

Bigfoot Digital know the importance of a great website design. Not only does it need to look great, but people need to be able to use it with ease. Less is definitely more when it comes to a website! Our in-house developers have a thorough understanding of a number of content management systems and only use the most powerful and relevant platforms for your business site.

You don’t need to worry about industry developments, Google updates or changes in the algorithm; our web team always keep up to date and ensure your web build and content reflects this. What else can you expect from your website?

Completely responsive.

If your site isn’t responsive on a number of devices, then you’re wasting your time. As Google now favours mobile above the desktop, a responsive site is a must. Each web build we create is tested for its usability on mobile, tablet and desktop to ensure that wherever your customers are searching from, they’ll be able to find you with ease. Your site will look great too!

We use WordPress.

For a lot of our web builds, we choose WordPress for its power behind the scenes tools and capabilities. WordPress is easy to customise, meaning we can match your site as best we can to your brand and values. From ecommerce to brochure websites, we can build the right website that will maintain the attention of your customers, new and old.

Informative content.

At Bigfoot Digital, we don’t just build the skeleton of a website and leave you to it. In fact, our team all work together to provide the best possible results, every time. With a little help from our in-house content writing team, we can create a perfectly optimised copy and blog posts to get you well on your way to ranking success.

User experience.

If a customer has a bad experience, they’ll always remember it, surprisingly a lot more than their good experiences! To ensure you never give a customer a reason to leave your site before they can take in any information, you need to ensure it’s perfect. We always make sure our websites are simple to navigate around and visually pleasing for an end user.

What else do we keep in mind?

We know a website takes much more than an empty shell to get you noticed. There are a lot of other factors that are essential to putting you well above your competition, and to make your potential new customers notice you over anyone else.

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Visually pleasing.

We can create visually stunning websites with clean designs, consistent from one page to the next. If a customer likes what they see, they’re more likely to spend more time on your site, meaning there’s more chance of securing a sale. First impressions are everything!

Search engine optimisation.

Our team knows a thing or two about SEO and the huge benefits it has on your search engine ranking. We can research industry related keywords and ensure you begin to rank for these terms when your customers search for them. We’ve managed to get so many of our clients to page one – we’ve even managed it for ourselves! We know our stuff.

Site security.

If your site is unsafe, Google will know about it. Not only that, but you may get a penalty, or be removed from search results entirely. Search engines will favour safe sites over unsecure ones, so we always take this into account. Up to date security certificates are a must if you want to build the trust of your audience and keep them on your site. No one will make a purchase if they’re faced with a warning message about your site’s security.

Social media.

Sharing website links to your audience on social media means you’re sending the right traffic to your site. Have a recent blog post detailing how to use a particular new product? How about a link to your sale items? Share it with your followers. Sharing the right content will spark conversation and improve your click-through rate. You’ll also increase your engagement rates and get more people talking about your products. You can’t lose!

Want to know more about our ecommerce website Design Birmingham services?

If you’re ready to get started with a brand new website, we’re all ears. Whether you’re stuck with a website that isn’t bringing you any traffic or sales, or you’re a brand new business just starting out, we can be that stepping stone you need to get on your feet.

As a full-service agency, we cover an awful lot of bases. Whether you’re after a complete SEO package, or you need a little video marketing for a specific campaign, we’re definitely the guys for you. For more information about our list of services or to get stuck into a new website build, give us a call today or send us an email to