Ecommerce Keyword Research: How To Find Your Niche Market

When it comes to a successful e-commerce business, finding a niche and ranking highly for it is essential. No matter where you are in the world, with vast numbers of e-commerce websites out there, shopping online is more convenient than ever. To lift your business off the ground and set you apart from the rest, ecommerce keyword research will help you by promoting your company, increasing relevant traffic and optimising your product pages.

How to establish a niche market…

If you are thinking of setting up or growing a small e-commerce business, establishing a unique selling point (USP) can be the key to success. With big name brands out there like Amazon, ASOS or eBay it can be near impossible to compete. To make a success of your online site, you will need to promote more bespoke services advertising the unique qualities of your company.

However, it is important not to be scared of competing with big companies, as there are many ways you can boost your business. Whether you are purely a family-run business, provide one of a kind products or donate sales to charity you need a business which does more than just sell. By establishing a business with a feel-good factor, you will be able to attract more custom and stand out against big brands simply providing a service. Whatever it is you do that sets your business apart from the rest, make the most of it!

Once you have selected and established a niche, e-commerce keyword research will help you to promote these specific qualities, which in turn will increase traffic to your site.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of analysing the keyword difficulty and search volumes of different keywords you may be trying to rank for. It is an essential part of any internet marketing strategy as it sets the basis of what you are trying to optimise for.

You need to be confident in your choice of keywords to optimise your product pages and get higher conversion rates. Conducting careful and considered e-commerce keyword research will help you as it will make sure the people visiting your website are likely to convert to sales.

It is all well and good ranking at the top of Google searches and gaining lots of traffic, but if that traffic does not come with the intent to buy you will not always see an increase of sales. This is where e-commerce keyword research comes into play.

Optimising your e-commerce site for more specific keywords will filter out people who genuinely want to make a purchase. For example, people searching for ‘shoes’ are usually just wanting to peruse the options and look for inspiration. In contrast, people searching for ‘women’s running shoes Birmingham’ are more likely to be seeking out a purchase and are simply looking for stockists.

Once you have figured out which keywords you want your website to rank for, you can then provide informative content, optimised images and gripping call to actions to make sure your e-commerce site ranks number one for your chosen keywords.

Ecommerce keyword research on a laptop screen

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How keyword research will help boost your e-commerce site…

Targeting the right keywords could see your online sales sky-rocket, converting site traffic into profit. It is not just about getting to the top of search engines, it is about targeting the right searches so that you attract those who are searching for the services you provide. E-commerce keyword research will not necessarily put you to the top of generalised searches, but it ensures you appear first for more specific requirements.

The most obvious way of doing this is to try and use long-tail keywords which reference more specific searches, for example optimising for ‘wedding dress seamstress Birmingham’ as opposed to ‘seamstress’. This will significantly boost your local SEO, attracting the most relevant customers and giving you a better click to sales ratio. There is little point in trying to compete with big brands online; effective e-commerce keyword research will target more selective buyers.

The importance of all things web…

So, although you have now established a niche, and decided which keywords to optimise for, I am sorry to say the hard work has only just begun. You now need to optimise your site so that you rank highly for those chosen keywords.

Start by thinking about your website design. Now that people have found you online, you need a stunning website design. Many people will click off a site if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing or will look elsewhere if it takes too long to load. Positive user experience is also key, so allowing customers to navigate your site easily and quickly will dramatically improve sales as it showcases your products and makes a purchase as easy as possible. 

ecommerce keyword research being done on laptop

If someone has to spend ages finding their way around your site you will not fulfill your business’ potential. Sleek and coherent e-commerce website design is, therefore, an essential part of your digital marketing campaign.

Alongside a beautiful website design, you need to increase the authority of your site. One way of doing this is by building a credible bank of links, pointing to your site as a trustworthy source. This allows Google to trust your site, placing it higher on search engines as well as increasing overall traffic.

Next on the list, content. Your content must be written in a way which optimises your keywords, including them throughout but in a non-forced manner. Another way to optimise content in a slightly more obscure way to the untrained eye is by adding appropriate alt-tags to images. Google runs on an algorithm, meaning it cannot ‘see’ images. By adding an alt-tag to the images you include Google is able to see how appropriate they are to your content, further enhancing the credibility and ranking of your site.

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