Easy Ways to Research Your Market and Get More Business

Image courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

As a digital marketer, it is absolutely vital that you understand your markets. You need to know what kind of people are likely to become customers, where they are and what makes them tick. The more you know about your market, the more effectively you can reach them, which will benefit your business in countless ways.

Market research can sound daunting but believe it or not, there are some easy ways you can learn more about your market.

Casually Observe

Not all market research needs to be formal. Observe your market and its habits on social media, in your stores and anywhere else you come into contact with people in your target market. Of course, information that is observed and not backed up with facts should be taken with a grain of salt. But, observing your market is a great way to start learning about it.

Conduct Surveys

A tried and true method for learning more about a group of people is conducting surveys. You can ask a wide variety of questions through a survey and easily classify and read the data to better understand your market. To conduct a successful survey, distribute it to a large group of people and ask questions that will help you learn new things about your market or help you find ways to enhance your business.

Hold Focus Groups

Focus groups can help you gain detailed insight and find more qualitative information than surveys can. Carefully choose people for your focus groups and plan your questions in advance. The best focus groups are centred around just a few topics and give participants ample opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns and ideas. Focus groups are also a great way to test marketing tactics and get opinions about specific products.

Find Comparable Data

If you know some basic statistics about your market, you can find comparable data from other organisations that can help you learn more about the people in your audience. For example, if you know your customers’ average age, their gender and their level of education, you can compare that information to studies and research about those demographics and learn even more about your market.

Watch Site Analytics

Your website’s analytics can do more than just tell you how many people visited your site. By using software that produces very detailed reports you can find out what kinds of devices your market uses, what sites visitors are coming from and how much time they are spending on each page on your site. This information can give you an idea of what kind of people are viewing your site.

Have Online Conversations

Another informal way to conduct market research is to have online conversations with your market. Use things like social media, your blog and forums to talk to people and ask them questions. People love to voice their opinions on social media, so by asking some questions and then responding to peoples’ comments, you can get valuable feedback through sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Market research can help you understand the people you are trying to promote your business to and convert to customers. Start improving your digital marketing plans by using these tips to conduct some research and learn more about your market.