Easy Ways to get more Marketing Power out of Webinars

Image courtesy of Ian Page-Echols/Flickr.

We usually think of webinars as a way to connect with, train and educate employees, team members and sometimes even our customers. We don’t often think of them as a promotional tool, but when you use them the right way webinars can be a powerful part of Internet marketing.

Search Engine Journal published an article explaining just how effective webinars can be when it comes to getting more social media shares, making sales and even getting higher search engine rankings.

According to the article, a Content Marketing Institute study found that webinars are the third most effective content marketing tactic due to real-time delivery and behaviour scoring.

But how do you make sure your webinars are more than just a conference call? How do you turn them into powerful marketing tools?

Choose the Right Market

Obviously, webinars that are designed for your employees aren’t going to give you the marketing opportunities webinars designed for your customers will. Think carefully about your market and which of your audiences would be most responsive to a webinar.

Some common groups to target with webinars include current customers, past customers, potential customers, people of a specific demographic or people that are involved in a specific industry.

Use Promotional and Educational Content

The most effective webinars use content that is both promotional and educational. People don’t want to sit through a commercial for your business or product, and your webinar shouldn’t be full of sales pitches. Instead, use content that is valuable to your audience, that helps you position yourself as an industry leader and that is educational.

Then, add small “touches” of promotional tactics to make sure the webinar is also a marketing tool. Some easy ways to do this are:

  • Putting your logo in a prominent place as the sponsor or host.
  • Using examples or case studies from your clients.
  • Offering free samples through a link on your website.
  • Referring people to your blog.
  • Encouraging people to contact you for more information.
  • Asking people to connect with you on social media.
  • Holding the live webinar at your location while broadcasting it online.

To get marketing benefits from your webinar your content should be carefully designed to be educational and beneficial while still promoting your business.

Make the Webinar Accessible in Multiple Ways

Make it easy for people to participate in your webinar. Of course, you should broadcast it online on your website or YouTube channel so people everywhere can participate. But, you may also consider live tweeting the webinar, posting a link to your webinar on your blog, using multiple social media channels and even allowing people to attend in person.

Doing this makes it more likely that a lot of people will participate and also gives you more ways to market your webinar, and also your business. Creating a buzz on social media and getting more traffic to your website before and during your webinar can help your marketing efforts.

Recycle Webinar Content Later

Don’t stop using your webinar for marketing purposes when it’s over! Recycle the content by posting the video and audio, as a whole or as short snippets, on your website and sharing it through social media.

Other ways to recycle webinar content include using the same ideas, themes and sources to create blog posts, podcasts, infographics, articles and white papers. All of these can be used as part of your Internet marketing, content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

If you use them the right way, webinars can help you educate and provide value to your market while still promoting your business. Use these tips as you plan your next webinar so you’ll see more benefits.