What is a doorway page in SEO?

What is a doorway page in SEO?

Using doorway pages may seem an ideal way to rank a site, but are they really the best way to boost your SEO value?

An open door representing SEO doorway pages.

Seeing as Google is beginning to heavily penalise sites that use these doorway pages, they’re not seen as a valuable way to boost your SEO. They are essentially low-quality pages or websites that are carefully optimised to rank well on a search engine for the right keywords.

As the name suggests, doorway pages act as a doorway between a website’s visitors and it’s content. The only purpose of these pages is to boost a site’s SEO value and they actually offer very little to a visitor. With Google’s change, doorway pages could affect your site negatively.

Having one or multiple doorway pages could mean your web pages may not rank anymore and your traffic could plummet dramatically. It’s essential that you remove them or reassess their usefulness to ensure your visitors and potential customers get the most value out of your site.

What do doorway pages look like?

Sometimes, we can be unaware that our site has doorway pages. Pages that are heavily content-based could be the culprits, and we may not even realise. Identifying a doorway page early on could save you the hassle and trouble of losing customers later down the line.

A page may appear to be strongly optimised for a specific range of products on the surface, but it may not directly link to any particular product. However, it may then point to another page that contains these product links; it takes a customer longer to find what they need.

Let’s use an example. You have an ecommerce site selling home furniture and a doorway page heavily optimised for the term “coffee tables”. This short phrase makes your page rank well but when a user clicks on a link, they don’t actually find the list of coffee tables they expected.

Instead of the products they expect to see, they’re brought to another landing page. This page contains links to further pages in the site where they can find different coffee tables that are actually for sale. This is frustrating for a customer and may prevent them from purchasing from you.

Why are doorway pages frowned upon?

Doorway pages in a situation like this are simply an unnecessary step that makes the job of browsing and purchasing more difficult. They are simply there to lure in a customer. The content on the doorway page isn’t necessarily informative or valuable to a visitor.

Obstructing a visitor from seeing the right information is misleading and it does not follow Google’s best practice. Browsing online should be a simple and enjoyable experience, not something that makes purchasing an item more difficult for a customer. You want more sales, not less!

Why do people choose to use doorway pages?

The answer is simple; optimising a doorway page will give a site more dominance in the search engine results pages. More links from the same website automatically make a visitor think they’re the best in the business when in fact, they’re not using the right methods.

Going back and forth from Google to links and back again is not a good web experience and Google’s main focus is to give searchers a positive experience. Anything that goes against this will be identified and action will be taken to remove any negative practices.

Being transparent and genuine is definitely the best way to get the traffic you deserve, avoiding any black hat SEO tactics. Google changes mean that the more of a positive experience a user can have from your site, you’ll get a better ranking on a search engine.

If you’re not providing the best experience possible, Google will assume you are trying to manipulate the system, meaning your ranking will drop. Always practising the right techniques will ensure you keep your rankings high and your customers in abundance. White hat is the way to go!

Use a reputable SEO agency to keep your rankings on track.

It’s so important to practice the right techniques to bring more customers to your site. The higher your Google ranking, the more traffic you’ll receive, meaning more customers will be visiting, browsing and purchasing what you have to offer. It’s a lot simpler than you think.

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