Don’t Stop after you Publish! What to do After you Post to Your Blog

Image courtesy of Patsy/Flickr.

Publishing content to your blog is a key part of Internet marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing. But, publishing blog posts is only the first step. To leverage your content and get the most out of each post, you need to follow up with a few key steps.

These steps should be part of your general Internet marketing strategy and your social media marketing plans. If you aren’t following up each blog post with these actions, you could be missing out on some of the benefits of blogging.

Create a Shortened, Trackable URL

Your content management system will most likely create a URL for your blog post. Take that URL and shorten it with a service like so that you have a shorter version of the URL that you can track to find out how many people are clicking on the link and get an idea of what kind of content your audience likes.

Share through Social Media Accounts

Blogging brings more value when people see your content. Whenever you post to your blog, you should instinctively share the post through your social media accounts.

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social media account, share each blog post there to reach your market and drive traffic to your site.

Incorporate into Email Marketing

If you use email marketing at your business, find ways you can use your blog posts in your campaigns. New blog posts can help you get your messaging in front of your market, inform your customers and drive traffic to your website.

You could include links to your blog posts in a marketing email or you could let readers subscribe to get email updates whenever you post to your blog.

Schedule the post for Future Use

Posts that have information that will still be relevant and useful later can be scheduled to be used again. If you use a social media scheduling tool, schedule the URL to be shared again later as part of your content marketing plan. Otherwise, include it in your marketing calendar to use for social media, content or email marketing again later.

Use for Content Inspiration

You can use your blog posts to brainstorm ideas for more content. Do this formally by creating multi-part posts, blog series or theme days or just informally by finding ways to expand more on the topic or blogging about related ideas.

This kind of blogging also gives you a good opportunity to build internal links on your blog and website, which can help with SEO.

Respond to Comments

Finally, don’t disappear after you publish a post! Keep checking in and responding to comments. It is especially important to respond to the first few comments because it will show other readers that you are listening to them and are there to answer questions.

All of these steps will help you reach your market, gain customers and get more value out of your blog. Start seeing more benefits by including these tips in your Internet marketing plan.