Don’t Outsource your Social Media: Train your Team!

Under normal circumstances, paying your employees to use Facebook or Twitter on company time would be a terrible idea, but this is exactly what Yale university is doing to up their rankings in the race to become the most socially active and popular University in the USA.

Lagging behind Harvard just isn’t good enough for the prestigious Ivy League university, so they’ve taken steps to train their administrators in social media marketing in an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. 30 of the team were sent to ‘social media boot camp’ to learn the art of posting, tweeting and pinning, while the social analytics were also closely examined to determine their current reach and future targets.

I can’t advocate this approach enough; there is a strong argument for keeping your social media in-house. Social media requires a genuine team-member voice; and this is something that your followers will recognise and see right through if it’s provided by an external imposter. While there are general interaction rules that any social media marketer will follow, they won’t know the ins and outs of your business, which can be vital for encouraging genuine interaction.

While the strategy and decision making will still need to be developed by your marketing department, the implementation and maintenance of your social media profiles can easily be managed by your internal team. It looks great on a CV, it brings variety to their workload, and they have the chance to play an integral role in your marketing efforts. It’s a win-win situation.

So how do you do about training them? While most people have a working knowledge of social media platforms through personal use, using it for marketing purposes is a very different matter, so some training is a must. Here at Bigfoot Digital we run a social media workshop that will give you all the skills you need to get started. Just add a little creativity and drive, and you’ll have a fully functioning social media strategy.