Does Your Market Want a Personalised Experience?

A study by Econsultancy found that 94 percent of businesses believe that personalisation is important in online marketing. But, interestingly, a survey by Adobe found that 42 percent of consumers were “neutral” about the importance of personalised service and product recommendations.

Big businesses like Amazon often include personalised recommendations as site visitors browse products and make purchases. This strategy has permeated online marketing, and now all kinds of businesses work to create personalised experiences through their marking tactics.

The survey doesn’t stop there. It goes on to reveal more about how consumers feel about personalised marketing tactics. The findings also show that 33 percent of survey takers said they feel that marketing personalisation is “somewhat” or “very valuable.” The research shows that 26 percent of people felt like the personalisations are “not very” or “not at all valuable.”

These findings show that even though businesses think that making online marketing tactics personal for each potential customer is an important part of their marketing strategy, consumers don’t place very much value on the results. Only a small portion of people feel that the personalised tactics are valuable.

Personalised product recommendations are a popular maketing tactic. Image source.

Does Your Business use Personalised Tactics?

Does your business use personalised marketing tactics in an effort to persuade potential customers? Whether you use this approach on your website or through other online marketing tactics, these statistics may make you second guess your strategies.

Current marketing trends are leading businesses to create focused and targeted campaigns in ways they have never done before. Research and social media data can give your business incredible insight into who your market is and what is likely to resonate with your potential customers.

While this survey may seem daunting and even cause marketers to second guess the personalised-marketing trend, the fact remains that a third of the people who took the survey feel that personalised tactics are at least somewhat valuable. This is still a significant portion of your market, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when consumers respond to surveys, they aren’t always aware of what kinds of marketing tactics have an influence over their actions and purchases. While the results of these studies do provide important information about how consumers view marketing tactics, businesses should keep in mind that there are several variables, including peoples’ imperfect memories, which can influence the results.

What to do Now

Understanding general statistics like these can help you shape your marketing efforts. While it wouldn’t be wise to base your entire marketing plan off of the results of one, general study, the findings should be taken into consideration. The studies done by Econsultancy and Adobe can remind businesses that personalised marketing may not be as powerful as they think and that other digital marketing strategies are still valuable ways to promote a product or service.

Personalised digital marketing is still an important part of marketing, but businesses shouldn’t depend on these tactics. Things like social media marketing, websites, blogs, paid ads, and search engine optimisation can work in conjunction with personalised marketing tactics to form a comprehensive marketing strategy.