Does Social Media Affect Search Marketing

Social networking sites have a significant influence on activities taken up over the web. The success of these sites relates not just to these being platforms for interaction. It has gone far beyond that. Search engine optimization and internet marketing too are influenced significantly by social media. There is an increasing tendency not just to read or use information but to share the link with others in case one finds it useful. The social media sharing widgets on web pages bear a testimony to the fact that organizations have quickly adapted to the phenomenon and seek to benefit from it to give a fillip to their marketing initiatives. Search marketing too has become significantly influenced by social media. Let’s take a closer look at the manner in which this change has come about and how social media impacts search marketing.

1. Builds a repository of quality inbound links

It has been known for long that the quality of inbound links has a significant effect on the rank of your website on search engine result pages. Webmasters have for long focused on link exchange but this is not where the focus needs to be as the latest updates to search algorithms for Google seek to penalize rampant link exchange methodologies wherein quality is not adhered to. Also, the rank suffers in case the inbound links come from sources that are not related to the sphere of activity the website deals with. Links from social networking portals have come to occupy significance.

The higher the number of quality inbound links from social media, the greater the chances of a better rank on search engine result pages. Marketers have thus shifted their focus from only SEO and PPC towards a more targeted approach through social media.

2. Enables social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites create their own set of content and link repository for users to search from. This is in keeping with the tendency to share with others not just the latest piece of information but also anything that intrigues people. These platforms can be a good source of traffic for conversion.

3. Provides a more reliable avenue for targeted traffic

Organizations are now focusing on getting recommendations for their products on social media to capitalize on the trust factor that comes with it. Social media presence is being used to direct targeted traffic to websites.

4. Better platform for building brand equity

The search engine platform is quite diffused and does not allow you to narrow down your marketing initiatives to your target market segment in the manner it is possible through social media. Social media provides a direct interface with people.

5. Social network posts now find a place in search results

Reviews on blogs and similar posts on social media do have an impact on the purchase decisions of people. Reputation management on social media has become important to enable a positive effect of search results.

The impact of social media on search marketing is akin to its impact on our networking ways. Instead of us using multiple platforms, ease of use has come about in this domain as well. You can interact with the representatives of a brand on social media to get the answers you are looking for. This means that the products can now reach you rather than you having to reach out to a brand and its product via search engines.

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