Do You Share Videos on Pinterest? Here’s How to do it the Right Way

Have you thought about sharing your business’ videos on Pinterest? Sharing videos is probably one of the most underused features of the site, which is unfortunate since Pinterest is so visual and has the potential to increase the views your videos receive and even your site’s traffic.

But, don’t just pin your videos in a haphazard way. Instead, use these tips to make sure you get the most out of every video pin you add to Pinterest.

Optimise Your Video Board’s Name

One way you can optimise your Pinterest videos is to create a board that is named after your YouTube channel or includes your business name. It’s also a good idea to include the word “video” so your pins will be more likely to appear in searches done by people looking for video content. This will make it easier for people to find your videos.

If you create lots of videos you may want to use several boards to take advantage of titles and keywords. For example, if you produce both product reviews and instructional videos, you could use two boards and use appropriate key phrases for each name.

Don’t Use Sloppy Descriptions

Writing keyword-rich descriptions is another way you can optimise each of your pins. If you use targeted keywords and useful descriptions, some users may come across your videos when they are searching for general information about a product or industry. This will help you go beyond your regular audience to draw in new customers.

Add a Link to Your Description

Show your viewers where to find more of the video content they love by adding a link to your website, blog or YouTube channel to the pin description. If you mention that you have more videos and resources and then include a link, viewers will be much more likely to visit your site and discover your other videos.

Make it Easy for Viewers to Pin Your Videos and Find You

Ideally you won’t be the only one pinning your company’s videos. If you share videos on your blog, website or any other online property, make sure they are easy to pin. One way to do this is to add Pinterest buttons next to your videos.

Use Your Videos to Build Your Pinterest Following

Another tip is to add your Pinterest profile URL to your videos. Do this by adding a popup with a link or simply including your URL at the end of your video. This strategy can help build your Pinterest following and engagement.

Pinterest is an excellent place to share videos. These tips can help you optimise each pin so you’ll get the most out of your social shares, attract more viewers and increase your site’s traffic.