Do Market Research with Google Consumer Surveys

Google’s services like Gmail, Google Search, Google+, Google Analytics and AdSense are well known. But, Google also offers some lesser-known products that can help your business be more effective. One of these tools, Google Consumer Surveys, can help you learn more about your target market so you can improve your digital marketing strategy. The tool allows you to write your own questions and then target your market so you can get accurate results.

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How it Works

Google works with online publishers, or site owners, to distribute your survey. This way, each of your questions can be answered by people who fall into your target market. You can choose to have your survey answered by people with certain likes or even in a certain age group. You will create a survey with your Google Consumer Surveys account and then decide how many responses you want from the survey.

Then, your survey questions will be published on specific websites that are geared to your target market. Responders will only see one question at a time and when they answer it, they will gain access to premium site content. This approach makes it easy for people to respond, since they are only required to answer one question, and gives them an incentive to answer the question.

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If you are interested in becoming a survey publisher and being paid for survey responses, you can fill out an application.

As your survey questions are answered, Google will generate a report showing you the results. The report is accessible online and is updated as people answer your questions. This means you can watch the statistics as they come in, rather than having to wait until all the responses have been submitted.

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Are Google Consumer Surveys for You?

Market research is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. When you understand who your market is, and what their characteristics are, you can better target your strategy and tactics. Market research can help you learn more about the markets you already target so you can make sure you are reaching them in the best ways possible, but it can also help you find new markets.

There may be other groups of people who are interested in your business and doing surveys can help you identify those groups. Surveys can also help you understand different sub-groups within your market. For example, if you target women between the ages of 20 and 30, you may learn what kinds of tactics resonate with college students what works for working professionals, both groups that fall into that age group.

Surveys can also help you build your business. They can help you create a brand people respond to and can even help you develop products. You can ask specific questions about what your market wants from your services or what kinds of website features your customers prefer.

Google Consumer Surveys is an excellent tool that can help you research your market or find new groups of people to promote your business to. The unique approach of only presenting one question at a time may help you get more responses than you would with a regular survey. Google is also able to target your market very well, so getting an inside look at your market is possible with these surveys.