Digital Marketing Trends of 2017- How are they impacting your business?

The digital marketing world is forever altering. We’ve seen it change for better and for worse over the past decade and businesses can find this grueling to sustain. It can become difficult to discover what trends are anticipated and how to take advantage of these to optimise your business. We’re over halfway through the year now so we’ve rounded up our 4 digital marketing trend predictions for the year based on the trends of the past 7 months.

So, what should you be expecting?

Customer Experience

First of all, whether you’re an employer or employee, everyone should know the client comes first. However, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure your business is pleasing the customer at the point of sale and post-sale. By embracing customer-centric approaches, you are differentiating your business from other companies who aren’t offering the same experience. Be one step ahead and raise the consumer experience!

Personalize Everything

Personalisation is a huge part of digital marketing and has grown over the past decade. Several companies customizing their websites, social media has constantly been high. Nevertheless, the market is evolving and mass customization has transformed into personalisation. Add individuality to your marketing. The more your business stands out the more your SEO rankings will improve throughout the year. Originality is vital!

Social Media

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are starting to rule the internet- especially in the younger generations eyes. As a result, it is a large aspect of marketing your business and you need to change the way you think about it. Don’t let all your social media accounts and profiles be generic. There are millions of businesses promoting themselves on Facebook and Twitter and the key is to be prominent against the competition. Personalise it, make the content original- switch things up and engage the consumer. Be one step ahead with your social media campaign.

Video Content

Finally, we all know content rules, it’s the main way to boost your SEO ranking and every business has reviews, blogs or papers to do this. They are the normal content aspects you see everywhere and are crucial to your SEO. This year, video content is becoming more and more popular to engage the audience. Create a personalized video to promote and inform the consumer. Video content is making a breakthrough with progressively more people choosing video over text. Increase the reach of people you get, and don’t be left out!

Although these trends are only our predictions, the digital market is constantly swaying to show us the payoff of following and taking advantage of these trends. At Bigfoot, we provide high-quality services to help you get on track with these forever changing trends. To find out more about the services we provide, contact us here.