Monitor and Track Everything You Do Online!

Keep in the know this Christmas – make sure you monitor and track your every move.

The internet is a fast-paced environment. One minute you’re confident you’re on the right track with your marketing strategy and next, you’re on page 3 of your Google search!

There’s a lot to consider, which is why tracking in digital marketing is essential!

The slightest adjustments in the way you do things could have drastic effects in where your website ranks in a Google search, as well as how people engage with your social media profiles.

Google Analytics.

To kick off your tracking in digital marketing, Google Analytics is a fantastic web analytics service offered by Google itself.

It tracks and reports the traffic to your website and is useful to measure your ROI as well as a bunch of other sites and applications. The site itself has a multitude of useful features and are really quite interesting to look at in terms of your business.

Real-time overview.

This feature in Google Analytics gives you a live view of the current traffic on your site. You can view the different devices that users of your site are viewing on, as well as where in the world it is being viewed. This information can be compared at multiple times in order to track when your busiest times are, and times where you could, in fact, drive a few more visitors to your site, perhaps through a social media boost.

As you can hopefully see by now, tracking in digital marketing allows for far more effective future strategies to be devised. You can understand where to focus your efforts based on real and accurate evidence.

Track your audience.

The audience overview tool allows you to look in detail at who is visiting your site and who your main customer base is. You’ll be able to see who your returning viewers are as well as new customers to your site over a certain period of time. You can mess around with this tool, comparing your audience from this month to last month, and what changes you could make to drive the most appropriate people to your site.

The tools available for tracking in digital marketing are game-changing in terms of the accurate way they can highlight any fluctuations in the market. This means you can adapt your marketing strategies accordingly!

Monitor and Track Online.

Visitor behaviour.

An overview of your visitor behaviour can give you an idea of how long a visitor stays on your site as well as the amount of views there are on your web pages. This even breaks each individual page of your site down in order to track which pages have the highest visitor rate and how long they spend on each page. This will be useful to see which pages could do with a little more work, whether this is in terms of content or page layout.

Here, we’ve only scratched the surface of what Google Analytic can offer, and when done in the right way, can be a fantastic tool to track what you do and how it impacts your business online.

Social Media insights.

You can boost your Social Media pages by using their built-in analytics tools. Let’s take Facebook for example. Facebook Insights helps you to understand who your target audience are, and includes specific information including demographics and purchase behaviour. Whatever your audience, you’ll be able to use Insights to track your potential customers, what they’re interested in, and direct them to your site to make a sale.


Sometimes it can be useful to run a Social Media Ad campaign across the different platforms. There are 3.5 billion internet users worldwide and the number of internet users on social media is estimated to reach 2.95 billion by 2020, so the growth of social media alone is phenomenal. These ads can be targeted to certain groups of people in a particular area, and to people who have relevant interests to the service that you provide. An endless list of possibilities but your numbers of potential new customers can skyrocket from this exposure.

Need some more advice on how to make the most of your tracking in digital marketing?

If you need help to monitor and track your online presence and to make the necessary changes to get you noticed, get in touch with our Digital Marketing experts.

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