Digital Marketing Funnel: Real Examples And Success Stories

Digital Marketing Funnel

Success Stories

digital marketing funnel success stories

There is an abundance of information out there about how and why you should be using a digital marketing funnel as part of your strategy.

It is always useful to look at real-life examples of how funnels have been implemented successfully.

With a digital marketing funnel, there is no limit to what you can achieve and there are plenty of success stories to showcase this.

Let’s have a look at some of these to give you some inspiration and digital marketing funnel motivation…


CrazyEgg has constructed a highly successful digital marketing funnel. Each stage is well thought out and includes all the right features.

The funnel begins with their blog, which they keep updated with valuable and compelling content. This means people will keep coming back for fear of missing out on free information.

CrazyEgg’s blog is a major part of their funnel as each post concludes with a call-to-action and has a pop-up advertising their product. This is clever as although it plugs their product, it wouldn’t appear like a sales pitch as readers gain value at the same time.

Another way CrazyEgg move their prospects along their digital marketing funnel is visitors must enter their details to have access to the homepage and pricing. If customers are intrigued, they will be more likely to enter the details to receive more information. This is why CrazyEgg’s conversion rates are so high. If you provide value, people will trust you with their information.

Once prospects have access to CrazyEgg’s site, it is clear they place more emphasis on visuals than content. Their content is concise and easy for you or anyone to understand. You should leave no room for confusion. Like CrazyEgg, you should make sure there are no distractions to draw people away from your funnel.


digital marketing funnel success stories groupon logo

Groupon also has a huge success story when it comes to their digital marketing funnel. All their website traffic is greeted with a pop-up offering discount if you supply your details. Offering an incentive for you to give your email address is a great way to capture more leads. If people are left wondering what’s in it for them, they won’t volunteer their information.

Groupon is heavily email-based and they get their high conversion rates from their email automation tactics. Once leads are captured, they retarget them on a daily basis with relevant offers related to users’ interests and location.


digital marketing funnel success stories basecamp logo

Basecamp like experimenting with new design, but stick to being highly visual and personal. They use a lot of cartoons and clashing fonts so their website is eye-catching and unique.

They also use emotion and personality to boost their digital marketing funnel success. The CEOs put their faces out there so users can associate a face to a name. If you join Basecamp, you receive a ‘personal’ welcoming message from the founder. Basecamp uses customers they have strong relationships with for testimonials which they showcase. This again contributes to their high conversion rates.

Another way Basecamp draw people in is with their free 30-day trial. This allows Basecamp to show people the value that the tool would add to their lives. Once people have signed up to the trial, they can also retarget people with tips and advice so trust is built.

Something to take away from Basecamp’s success is that adding a personal touch can be effective. If people can put a face to a name and feel like they are working with the team rather than just throwing their money at it, they are more likely to invest.

Looking at real-life examples of digital marketing funnel successes gives you a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. You can take some tips from other peoples’ trial and error.

So, why not create your own success story?

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