Digital Marketing Birmingham

Digital Marketing Birmingham

Grow your business exponentially with our digital marketing Birmingham services.

You’re in the best hands. 

You wouldn’t just work with any old agency when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, right? You’d do your research first, narrowing your search to an agency that delivers exactly what you’re after. We’ve done the hard work for you already – we’re an agency different from all the rest. Our digital marketing Birmingham services deliver exactly what your business needs…and more.

Okay, we don’t expect you to believe us from reading a paragraph. Let us explain how we can transform your business like we have done with so many of our clients before!

Planning a strategy for Digital Marketing Birmingham

Where do we start?

Before anything, you need to know how you’re currently performing and identify areas for improvement. Do you need a website? Perhaps you need a little help actually getting found on a search engine. Or, you might want to grow your social media following with a little creative content or advertising. Luckily for you, we can deliver all that as well as everything in between with our digital marketing Birmingham services.

Here’s more about what we can offer:

Professional website development and marketing.

Website marketing from our trusted agency ensures you get the design and development of your site spot on, keeping your audience engaged through high-quality copy and a fully responsive interface. Our web builds keep your site consistent with your brand and optimised for search. If your current website isn’t bringing you any new customers, or you simply don’t have a business website at all, our team can prove to you why expert web development is more than worthwhile for you.

Need a more in-depth look at how well your current website is performing? Grab a website audit on us. It’s totally free!

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Full Search Engine Optimisation.

Got a beautiful website? Great. Is your beautiful website ranking in a search engine? No? Well, that is bad. Your site will be useless if it can’t get found, and if you can’t be found, you might as well not exist in the digital world. (Harsh, but true…)

Our team of expert SEO-ers know every trick in the book when it comes to ranking your site in a credible position online. We carry out keyword research to find the most popular and relevant search terms in your industry, create a high authoritative backlink profile and write compelling copy, thanks to our expert in-house content writers!

Social media marketing.

Reaching out to whole new audiences through multiple social platforms should be high up any business’ priority list. Brands around the world have found that social media has increased their website traffic through great promotion of their brand and the right content being posted daily. We tend to recommend the top platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, purely due to the fact these are the places where your target audience are hanging out. Our social media team can grow your following in the right way and encourage so much more interaction with your content.

Email marketing.

Our email marketing services are great if you’re after an increase in ROI. It’s a quicker, cheaper and easier way to get your message across to your customer database. All we need is a list of email addresses! Don’t have an email subscriber list? Don’t panic. We’ll help you each step of the way.

We’ll test out a number of templates, collectively deciding which generates a higher click through rate and engagement. As well as this, we can create the right amount of persuasive content, and send across regular reports of our progress.

Video production.

From 2D and digital animation to corporate and promotional video, our production team know their stuff. We can create some stunning video to capture a business in it’s best light or to highlight a specific campaign or promotion you may have running. We’re also skilled in creating the best possible videos for social media, incorporating our knowledge of what your audience wants to see and how long they’re likely to keep watching for. Getting to know your business is essential and we can work alongside you to achieve your video goals.

Marketing team working on Digital Marketing Birmingham

Why choose Bigfoot Digital?

We’re human!

Our team aren’t just a bunch of robots claiming to bring your business everything it needs. We’re real people, and we know what we’re talking about.

We’ve secured page one and number one ranking positions for a number of keywords and phrases in our industry. If we can market ourselves in the right way, we can do it for your business too.

We keep you updated each step of the way.

Keeping our clients in the know is just standard practice with our digital marketing Birmingham services. We’ll send you monthly reports on your progress, detailing all the things you need to know and how each of our tactics are working for your account. We’ll also schedule in the odd phone call or face to face meeting as regularly as we need to.

We’re results driven.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our clients’ websites thrive or their social media profiles explode with likes, shares, comments and new followers. We view all of our clients’ work as if it was our own – we’ll celebrate your business successes with you! We’ll collaborate with you in the right ways to secure the best possible results.

Ready to make the next move? Get in touch for our digital marketing Birmingham services.

Our SEO Birmingham team are confident in our abilities. We know we can provide positive results for your business by implementing our tried and tested strategies. All we need is the go ahead! From your initial enquiry, we’ll focus on what really matters; you and your business. We’ll discuss our ideas for your business growth and put together a proposal.

For more information about our list of services or if you’re wondering how to get started with a specific strategy, give us a call or send us an email at for more information. Whatever your industry and however big your business is, we can’t wait to hear from you!