Determining whether or not Your Market is Listening

Image courtesy of Paul Townsend/Flickr.

As you develop and execute strategic Internet marketing plans, it’s essential that you know whether or not your market is listening. If your market isn’t receptive to your messaging, your tactics won’t benefit your business and you won’t see very much success.

But, how do you know if your market is listening? There are some signs you can watch for to find out if your efforts are being absorbed by your audience.

People are Responding to Calls to Action

You can tell if your market is listening by paying attention to whether or not people are responding to your calls to action. If your blog posts, social media posts, content marketing pieces and ads ask people to subscribe to your emails, measure how many people are doing that.

Start by measuring where your business currently is and then take measurements as you execute your plan and take note of any changes. When people respond to your calls to action, you know they are listening and your campaigns are successful.

Sales have Increased

Even if your calls to action don’t include asking people to make a purchase, the number of sales you are making can be a strong indicator of whether or not your market is listening. Internet marketing can help you inform your market about your products, make sales, increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

If you are making more sales, it could be a sign that your market is listening to your messaging and paying attention to your efforts.

Your Social Media Audience is Engaged

Active social media accounts with communities that are engaged, leaving comments and sharing content are a good sign that your market is listening. You can casually track social media engagement by keeping an eye on your accounts and watching how active your followers are.

You can also formally track your accounts by measuring things like number of followers, comments and other interactions. Either way, knowing how active your social media audience is can help you determine if your market is listening.

You are Meeting your Goals

Another simple way to tell if your market is listening is to track whether or not you are meeting your goals. Whether you want to drive more traffic to your website or increase event attendance, meeting your goals is a great sign that your Internet marketing strategy is working.

When you set goals they should be very specific and measurable so you can easily assess whether or not you have achieved what you set out to accomplish.

If you aren’t seeing any of these signs, it could mean that you aren’t using the right channels or tactics or that your messaging isn’t right for your market. Your success depends on several different factors, so you may need to experiment with different strategies and approaches until you find what works for your market.

As you begin to notice these signs and realise that your market is listening, analyse what is working and why you are being successful. As you understand what works for your audience, you can create even more successful strategies.