A Day in the Life of a Social Media Executive

Ready for our final ‘A Day in the Life of’ blog? (We’ll link the others below, so keep reading for those). Today we find out what Abbey, our Social Media Executive, gets up to at Bigfoot Digital.

“You spend the majority – maybe all – of your day hopping from clients’ social media accounts, checking analytics, replying to comments and setting up targeted campaigns to reach potential customers and generate leads,” she explained.


Before I dive into my tasks for the day, I check my emails and the social media accounts I’m working on. I get countless notifications for my clients across a number of social channels. You name it, we get it! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – customers have questions, and it’s my job to provide the answers. For this reason, it’s important to keep in communication with clients regularly to ensure we provide the right answers in the correct tone of voice and with the aim of converting visitors.


The next stage of the morning is to start writing content for Facebook and Twitter posts. With some clients requiring a minimum of five posts on Facebook and more for Twitter, it is imperative that we are creative with the content we post on social media. The aim is to create a community of followers that engage with your brand on a regular basis.

The first part of the process is to check what is trending on social media and what is currently in the news. I also check what National Days are coming up and use those hashtags as a talking point to generate interest.

1.00pm means lunchtime. I spend my time catching up with the rest of the team on client projects and do a quick Google search for updates within the SEO industry (not one to miss a trick). I also like to walk into town to grab some lunch before settling back into some serious social media posting.

1.30pm: After lunch, it’s back to work. I spend some time monitoring my clients’ social media accounts to check if they have received any comments, likes or shares. If a particular campaign is performing well, then we may decide to run it for longer to attain a wider reach.

I attend creative meetings to gather information from Account Managers and Digital Strategists on the areas of business our clients would like to focus on. This will shape our social media strategy going forwards.

The rest of my afternoon is spent writing down content ideas for clients for the week ahead. We spend time discussing ideas to use on social media that will deliver the best results for clients.

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