Creative Ways to Use Video and Audio to Promote Your Business

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Videos and podcasts have a way of standing out and capturing an audience’s attention. On an Internet that is filled with blog posts, articles and social media status updates, video and audio can be a refreshing break from this kind of content while still giving you a chance to promote your business.

There are literally dozens of ways you can use video and audio to promote your business, but here are a few creative ways that can be adapted for most businesses and markets.

How-To Videos and Webinars

By offering free resources, in the form of videos or podcasts, you can establish yourself as an industry expert and build a strong relationship with your market. As your customers and potential customers use your resources, they will begin to see you as a business that has their best interest as a top priority.

Another benefit of this kind of content is that it gives your market a taste of what you have to offer, which will entice people to learn more about your business and become customers.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Letting your market get a glimpse behind the scenes, whether that be at your office or an event or by offering a new look at how a product or service is provided, is a great way to generate interest in your brand.

Transparency is something all business need to develop at some level, and using video and audio to let your market in on how your business runs can help you develop a strong brand and a trusting relationship with your market. Of course, you need to be strategic about what kind of behind-the-scenes information you share, being careful not to share sensitive information that should remain within your business.

Event Broadcasts

All kinds of technology, including YouTube and Google Hangouts, make it possible for you to broadcast events as they happen so you can reach a larger audience. When you broadcast events, more people will be able to participate and you can reach much larger sections of your market.

Consider sharing entire events as they unfold or excerpts from events when they are over. This kind of video or audio is perfect to post on your blog and social media accounts.

Messages from the CEO

Your businesses’ CEO and managers have a level of credibility that attracts your market. By recording short videos or podcasts that include a message from your business’ leaders, you will capture your market’s attention.

Be aware that content from your CEO and managers will be deemed as official information, so plan carefully what kind of messaging should be used in these pieces.

Products in Action Videos

Video gives you the unique opportunity to show your products in action. You can talk about them, review them and describe them through other mediums, but with video you can show your market how they work.

You can use this strategy to show off new products and features, highlight ways to use your products and inform your market about how to use what you offer.

Video and audio give you more freedom and flexibility than other forms of content and help you stand out, getting your market’s attention. With this medium, you can show people why they should do business with you, which is a powerful way to promote your products.