Creative ways to use Social Media at your Next Event

Using social media at events is a great way to get people at the event, and even members of your market who aren’t there, more involved. Social media can help you get people talking about your event, increase brand awareness and make your event that much better.

Most businesses use the usual tactics of posting about their event, sharing pictures and even uploading videos. But, this is just the beginning. There are lots of creative ways you can stand out on social media and get more interaction and bigger results.

Make Interaction Possible for more Conversation

Instead of using social media to push out event updates, information and posts just from your marketing team, use it as a space for an overall conversation. The key to getting people active on social media during your event is to make it easy for people to interact with each other and your business.

One of the most common ways to do this is to encourage people to use a specific hashtag while posting about your event. Other ways to spur conversation include using a specific social media group or page, embedding a timeline from a social media feed on your website and using social media to share schedules and announcements.

Use an Attendees’ Point of View for more Interest

Make your social media more personable and interesting to your market by posting things from your attendees’ point of view, not just your own. As an event organiser or your business’ marketer, you see the event differently than those who are attending. When you only post things from your point of view your feed can seem stiff and it becomes harder for your followers to relate to it.

Post pictures of people participating in your event, of presentations happening, of how the venue looks to attendees and information about what is happening. Don’t simply post “Our marathon attracted 200 participants.” Instead, try “There are more than 200 runners here ready to hit the pavement with us. Here’s what the line up looks like” and include a picture of what it looks like to attendees.

Integrate Social Media for more Participation

Make social media a very visual part of your event so that people will be more likely to participate. Don’t just hang a poster with your Twitter handle and a hashtag you want people to use.

Try creative options like displaying live social media feeds on screens, adding Twitter handles to name tags, holding a photo contest on your Facebook page where people can contribute all day, setting up social media stations where people can charge their devices or even posting live video of presentations in lobbies, dining areas or other spaces.

Social media should be a part of any marketing event you host. But, don’t just use it in the expected ways or in ways that your market will tune out. Use creative, new ways to use social media to connect attendees, attract your market and build your online presence.