Creative ways to Reuse your Blog’s Content

Your blog is full of valuable content that can be recycled to help you generate even more content and create resources that can be an important part of your content marketing plans.

Of course, you can always repost blog posts or go back and share older posts on social media, but you can get even more creative than that and make entirely new types of content.

Ebooks or Industry Reports

Look at your blog posts and find running themes or topics that support each other and then combine them to create an ebook or industry report. To make this work, it’s important that you do more than just combine posts.

Blend content together so it flows well, eliminate duplicate information and add transitions and additional information to make the final product valuable and helpful. Offer the download as a freebie or create more comprehensive products to sell.

How-To Videos

If you have blog posts that are in depth or that are how-to guides that teach your market something, consider making them into videos. Videos can be more effective for this kind of content because visuals can make complicated topics simple and you can show off how your products or services work.

In many cases, you will need to condense your blog posts or rework them into a script that is ideal for video production. Then, be sure to produce and edit the video so it is professional and then publish it as a stand-alone piece or as a complement to the blog post.

Training Webinars

You can also produce live videos, in the form of webinars, that are inspired by your blog posts. Choose blog posts that have current, relevant information and that you can expand on to create a fully fleshed out webinar that provides real value for your market.

Promote the webinar on social media and through your other marketing materials and be sure to make sure people know your business is behind the content. You can use webinars to build your email subscription list, attract more social media followers, generate sales leads or raise brand awareness.


Infographics are ideal for sharing details, facts, statistics and inspiring information. Their visual appeal makes them popular on social media and they are very shareable. The key to a good infographic is that it tells a story and all the facts or numbers work together to send a message.

Convert highly detailed blog posts into infographics or further explore a topic you blogged about with an infographic. Again, this should be professionally produced and visually attractive so it will reflect your brand and make people want to click on it to read more.

Your blog is full of valuable information and content you have been compiling over time, and that content can take on a new life and enhance your content marketing strategy.