Creative and Easy Ways to add Fresh Content to your Site

Keeping your website updated and publishing new content on a regular basis can help you achieve and maintain search rankings, making it easier for your market to find you. New content can also help you keep visitors interested and engaged, which can lead to lower bounce rates and even increased sales.

Many businesses struggle with finding ways to update their site regularly without completely overhauling their pages. Here are a few simple and creative ways to keep your site updated with new content.

Post to your Blog Regularly

Perhaps the most common way businesses keep their site updated is by blogging regularly. New blog posts will help you get higher rankings and of course, are an excellent way to tell your story and communicate with your market. When you publish informative and valuable blog posts and then share them through social media, you’ll also attract more traffic to your site.

Create a Company Newsroom

Another simple way to add new content to your site is to create a company newsroom. Similar to a blog, this could be a page on your site where you post news updates, press releases and information about current events that relate to your company or industry.

You can also share these posts through social media, email marketing campaigns and even with media outlets that may decide to cover your story, giving you excellent exposure and potentially linking back to your website.

Highlight Products on your Homepage

Highlighting products on your homepage not only allows you to add fresh content regularly, but also makes it easy to add a call to action asking visitors to make a purchase. Use a portion of your homepage to add some content about a featured product and then add a link that allows visitors to purchase it.

Change the highlighted product regularly, every few weeks or months, and use this tactic in conjunction with other marketing efforts to make the most of it. For example, at the same time you promote a product on social media, feature it on your homepage.

Publish Newsletters

If you produce newsletters to send to your email marketing lists, why not publish them on your website too? Dedicate a portion of your site to your newsletters and post them there when you send them to your market. Be sure to promote these on social media too so you can attract traffic and even grow your email list.

Newsletters can include information about new products, special deals, company news and tips relating to your products, among other kinds of content.

Add How-To Guides and Other Resources

Posting valuable content on your site is a great way to build your reputation as an industry expert and the go-to resource for your market. Publish how-to guides, idea lists, tips and other resources that your market will find helpful. This is an excellent way to boost your traffic and makes it easy to continually post fresh content to your website.

Adopt some of these tactics to keep fresh content flowing to your site so you’ll see better search rankings and a more engaged audience. Remember, it’s vital that the content you post is designed for people, not search engines, and rankings will follow.