Creating and Leveraging a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is an excellent social media network for reaching business professionals and other companies. If your target market includes these groups, creating and then leveraging LinkedIn groups can be a very effective strategy.

How to Create a Group

If you don’t have a LinkedIn group, creating one is easy. Log in and hover your mouse over “Interests” and then choose “Create a Group.” The site will lead you through the process of setting up a group. As you fill in information, be as thorough as possible and keep your target market in mind so that your group’s description and details will attract the right people.

When you set up a group, you can choose to assign owner, manager and moderator roles so that others can help you manage the group. You can also choose whether you want to make the group open, which means anyone can participate and share posts, or closed, which means only members can participate.

Your group can be a general group for anyone interested in your business or you can create a very niche group based on some of your products or services.

Leveraging Your Group

To get the most out of your LinkedIn group, you need to leverage it and spur interaction. You’ll likely use a variety of tactics depending on what your goals are, but here are a few ways to get started.

Be an Engaging Group Leader

As the group owner, you need to post questions and content that will get members’ attention and that will open up discussions. However, your job isn’t done once you’ve posted content. Return to discussions to respond to users and even ask further questions.

Highlight Your Solutions

Increase your market’s interest in your business, products and services by highlighting the solutions you can provide. Don’t be overly self-promotional, but don’t be afraid to share content that shows why your solutions are the best and how they can benefit your market.

Create a Reputation as an Expert

Make your LinkedIn group the go-to source for information relating to your industry. You can accomplish this by being consistent and sharing helpful and recent information on topics that your market is interested in. As you build this kind of reputation, your business will be seen as a reliable source and an expert, which will help you increase sales and foster stronger relationships with your market.

Ask for User Reviews

You can also use your LinkedIn group to ask for user reviews or customer testimonials. Chances are that the people who join your group and interact with you on a regular basis have good things to say about your business and testimonials can be a very powerful sales tool.

As you build and leverage your own group, don’t forget to join other groups too. Joining other discussions can help you build your online presence and attract more group members and even customers.

LinkedIn groups are a social media tool you shouldn’t neglect, especially if you are targeting other businesses or working professionals. Start benefitting today by creating a LinkedIn group, attracting members and using these tips to get the most out of it.