Could Your Business Benefit from Facebook Applications?

If your business uses Facebook as one of its main social media marketing channels, you could benefit from Facebook Applications. Applications are small programs that you can add to your Facebook page to make it more than a normal page, getting your market’s attention and increasing engagement.

Stand Out from the Competition

With so many businesses on Facebook all trying to get your market’s attention, finding ways to stand out is important and an application could be the perfect way to do this. An application will let you bring more branding to your page and make it something different and new.

A regular Facebook page is a good place to start, but if you really want to stand out, you will need to use a custom application that is designed specifically for your business and market.

Do So Much More

Facebook Applications allow you to do so much more than just post information and share content and pictures. An application can help you do just about anything from hold contests to sell products. Other common uses for applications include giving a quiz, launching a new product, getting customer feedback, providing customer service and providing fun, entertaining games that build interaction among your audience.

With an application you can take your Facebook page to a whole new level, adding creative branding and personality to your page and making it something more than a traditional page. When you use an application on your page, you will have a whole new way to reach and communicate with your market.

Increase Engagement

Another major benefit that comes with using a Facebook application is that you will see more engagement. Applications bring something new and interesting to your page and give people a new way to interact with your business. Think of using an application as a way to give your market a new way to interact with you online.

Some application engagement is more public, allowing people to participate in contests or compete in games. Other applications provide more private, one-on-one ways for your followers to interact with your business. Think customer support, feedback and product sales applications.

With a normal Facebook page, your market is very limited when it comes to interaction. They can only do so much: “like” something, comment on a post or share your content. These are all positive interactions and can help you build your brand and promote your business, but an application will give people more ways to interact. The more people are able to interact with your brand, the more aware, interested and loyal they will become.

Facebook applications also give your followers a reason to keep returning to your page. Your followers may only visit your regular Facebook page a few times, getting most of your updates and the information they want through posts that show up in their news feed. But, with an application, people will want to return to your page again and again to use the application, see what’s new and interact with your brand.

If you want to give your Facebook marketing a boost and find new ways to get your market’s attention, interact with your market and increase engagement with your business, you should use a Facebook Application.