Conversion Rate Optimisation: Why Is My Website Not Converting?

Why is my website not converting?” “… what is conversion rate optimisation?” We hear these questions all the time. You are not alone.

Conversions are essential to the success of your website. Even if you have ample traffic to your website generated through social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising, or simply brand awareness, none of that will mean a thing if you don’t hold the power to convert those clicks into customers.

One thing to keep in mind, and this is important, is that even the best SEO strategy does not equate to an uplift in sales. You have to deliver the complete user experience, from creative content through to personalised email marketing to drive sales. Don’t let those opportunities go to waste. Today, we discuss the most common reasons your website is not converting, and all of them can be remedied with a little digital marketing magic:

How to calculate your conversion rate?

There are many ways to calculate your conversion rate; for some companies this may equate to the number of purchases through their ecommerce site. For others, it may simply be the completion of an enquiry form, a sign up to your newsletter or subscription. Firstly, choose a method and track it using a goal in Google Analytics, or alternatively monitor this using your platform of choice.

google analytics to improve conversion rate optimisation

Whatever the case, if you notice your conversion rate suddenly plummet, then it could be down to one of these reasons:

1) Your users don’t have the opportunity

Take a look at your website and locate opportunities to convert. You may have a ‘contact us’ button, perhaps? You may even have a contact page, complete with a form to collect data. But, do you make this clear? Give users multiple opportunities to reach out to you, with cleverly placed banners, buttons and call to actions. Consider having a live chat function, giving users the opportunity to get instant answers.

2) You don’t target the right people

This one does fall under the SEO category. Your designs, content marketing, PR and paid advertising should all target one specific demographic. If your messaging is confused, it will not reach the right people. People who have an interest in your business and have visited your site previously. These are the ones that hold the most potential for conversions. Study your demographics using tools, such as Google Analytics, Social Media Insights and AdWords, then adjust your messaging accordingly.

Google is constantly working to improve its algorithm to meet the needs of searchers. More people than ever are using a mobile to search for results. In fact, mobile now represents 60% of all online searches. Without a responsive website, you could lose out to competitors with mobile-first optimisation. A business that has a responsive website is not only favoured by Google, but your customers. Attractive, visual and captivating content is the key to reducing bounce rate and encouraging conversions. Give people a reason to stick around.

4) There’s too much information on page

Complex, cluttered and confusing content is a distraction from what really matters. This is a symptom of a business that is trying to do too much. Pages full of images, content boxes and banners can detract from the end goal. You are bombarding your visitors with too much, not allowing them to think. If this is the case, try to add structure to your website. Minimise your design and focus on what’s important.

5) There’s not enough information on page

Let’s flip the coin here. A page with a lack of information, especially on the product pages, is going to suffer. People aren’t just giving you conversions for nothing. In the case of an ecommerce platform, they are exchanging value of information for a purchase. If your visitors deem your site to lack value, then your conversion rate will slide. Genuine customer reviews, product descriptions and quality photography, will not only build trust in your brand, but deliver a positive return.

Address these problems now rather than later, as a lost conversion is a lost sale, which can be hard to recover from. It’s impossible to ignore it, not adapt your SEO strategy, and still get results. The only way to better your business, is to keep an eye on your data, constantly adapt to new online updates, and learn new ways to convert your visitors.

Improve your conversion rate with help from the experts!

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