Conversion Funnel Marketing: How To Build The Best Conversion Funnel!

Conversion Funnel Marketing

How To Build The Best Conversion Funnel!

There no metric more important than ‘conversion rate’ when it comes to your business. How far can you push people down your funnel to ensure they become flourishing new customers and not time wasters?

Optimising your sales funnel can be tricky. There are so many steps to account for, and that’s before you start strategically thinking about your offer. To maximise your conversion rate and click-throughs you need to account for every step of the customer journey. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and consider them at all times.

To help you out, we’ve listed five steps to optimising your sales funnel for maximum conversions.

Conversion Funnel Marketing customer.

1) Track conversion rates at every stage in your funnel

When it comes to conversion funnel marketing, track everything. You should know exactly where people are dropping off at every stage of your funnel. Once you know where prospects are dropping off, you can put steps in place to fix up those leaks.

Start by mapping out the entire conversion funnel marketing process:

Top of the funnel should include any channel you are sending traffic from (organic, social media, paid search, etc.)
Middle of the funnel should nurture prospects who are in your target market until they are ready to make a purchase.
Bottom of the funnel is where clicks into your funnel convert into paying customers.

After you’ve launched your funnel, track these two metrics:

Conversion rate at every stage of the funnel, each channel and the overall funnel. You should know which social media ads are generating the highest number of opt-ins, how many email sign-ups you have secured and your overall funnel success.

Volume of traffic sent to your funnel. While the conversion rate is essential, it’s also important to keep your funnel well-fed with prospects. This will guarantee two things a) your funnel is never dry and b) you know the best traffic sources.

While paid traffic is easy to track, you may struggle to monitor the success of organic sources (especially if you are manually reaching out to people). Think of other means you can track visitors, such as a custom URL and UTM tracking.

2) Make the user experience a priority

Keep users clued into the purpose of a page, develop a consistent user experience and maintain simplicity. These rules apply to the design of your landing page. You can accomplish this using a funnel builder like Clickfunnels.

This platform gives you everything you need to need to promote, market and sell your products using an effective landing page builder.

Often customers are asked to perform complex tasks like filling in lengthy forms or scrolling through what feels like endless sales scripts before making an order. It’s no wonder people leave without a purchase.

At no point on your page should a customer be confused at where they are or what the end goal is. Keep it simple by offering one product, one description and one opportunity to take action. Nothing should hold them back from hitting that ‘Buy Now’ button.

Conversions funnel marketing squeeze page.

You should, of course, modify your page as the results start to come in. You can always A/B test your pages to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

3) Optimise your funnel to the buyer’s journey

Conversion funnel marketing starts and ends with the customer. To maximise conversions, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. What do they what to see at every stage of your funnel?

Consider the first stage of your buyer’s journey – discovery. At this point, the customer doesn’t know your brand and what you have to offer. Their queries are around the struggles they are facing. It’s your job to be the helping hand they never knew existed. If you can establish yourself as the go-to industry leader, with answers to their questions, you are going to find it much easier to attract people into your funnel.

Your conversion funnel marketing should, thus, move in correlation with the buyer’s journey.

4) Dig deep to discover your ideal customer

A common failure in marketing funnels is that brands simply don’t know enough about their customers. They rely on basic demographics, such as age, location, gender to reach out to potential customers. These demographics alone are not enough to create high-impact marketing campaigns. You don’t know your audience well enough!

Instead, expand your customer personas to include specific details about their interests, hobbies, spending habits, etc. This gives you a more clear understanding as the pain points to can target when sculpting out your sales messages.

It’s easier than ever to create a detailed persona of your ideal customer thanks to Facebook’s Audience Insights. Start by entering a few necessary credentials like age, gender, location and industry and Facebook will make suggestions of specific preferences that align with your audience type.

For example, you can see here that over 40% of Californians over the age of 25 who like Techcrunch and Gizmodo are married, and the majority of them work in the IT industry. This information is invaluable to a marketer looking to tap into this audience. You can use it to create compelling sales content.

Facebook Audience Insights in conversion funnel marketing.

5) Personalise the customer experience

Personalisation is the difference between ‘Dear Sir’ and ‘Dear Dan.’ That personal touch can be all it takes to secure a sale. To retain the interest of a potential customer long enough to hook them into your funnel. Something as simple as this can increase your conversion rate by 14%!

For the best results, make data collection a crucial part of the conversion funnel marketing process. Develop a plan to strategically collect names as people move further down the funnel. This could start with their names, website and email, but as you nurture leads, you can ask more personal questions like prefered content types, place of work and revenue, so every step is personal to their preferences.

If you do this right, you can make an incredibly personal experience for your audience that will improve conversion rate and result in happier customers.

Conversion funnel marketing advice and support!

Personalisation as with everything in marketing is tricky, so don’t expect to get it right the first time. In fact, don’t aim for perfection. Test, test and test some more to ensure you are forever working towards a higher conversion rate. There is no end to the improvements you can make to your marketing.

If you are looking to create a high conversion funnel, then our friendly sales funnel experts can help!

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